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Boot up Animal Crossings: New Horizons on June 1 and you'll be greeted to a PSA from Isabella informing you that love is in the air. Finally. She's hinting at the entire month of June being wedding season within the game, which means new stuff for you to do and, more importantly, new items for you to earn. And how will you earn them? Tasteful photography, obviously.

What is Wedding Season?

After listening to Isabella's announcement, your virtual pocket will start buzzing. It's Harv, whose nearby island you've probably visited. Housed on that island is a photo studio that's been little more than a novelty, but now it's being put to use. He says he needs a slight favor and that some "sweet folks" need their photos taken.

Once you nip over to his island, you'll see that the sweet folks in question are Reese and Cyrus, two alpacas you may or may not have met in the 3DS Animal Crossing: New Leaf game. It's their anniversary, Harv tells you, and they're after some celebratory photos. He's got a studio but no props, and wants you to help them out by providing said props and styling their sets. 

Do Harv's job for him and you'll be rewarded with limited-release items. 



Screencap by Daniel Van Boom/CNET

What rewards can I get?

Each day the couple will ask for a different theme and will, presumably, give you a different item for helping them out. The first day you're tasked with recreating a wedding chapel, using items Reese helpfully prepared for you, with the reward being a Wedding Bench. 

You'll also earn Heart Crystals from Reese, the more she likes the set the more she'll give you, which you can exchange with Cyrus for more Wedding goods.  Here's what you can get on day one:

Wedding bench: 5 Heart CrystalsWedding decoration: 3 Heart CrystalsWhite wedding wall: 12 Heart CrystalsWhite wedding flooring: 12 Heart CrystalsBlue wedding rug: 4 Heart Crystals

We'll update this post as the days go by, and as rewards and Heart Crystal items change. 

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