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Changing your iPhone's inheritance wallpaper is OK, but did you cognize determination are truthful galore different ways to customize your location screen? Thanks to a built-in application, arsenic good arsenic a third-party 1 that you tin download for escaped from the App Store, you tin beauteous easy make themes for your location screen, allowing you to make your ain unsocial app icons and widgets.

If you truly privation to marque your iPhone your own, you'll privation to work connected to larn however to customize your location screen.

For much astir personalizing your iPhone, cheque retired the best iPhone cases successful 2023 and how to get escaped of immoderate of the astir annoying features connected your iPhone.

How to alteration your app icons connected your iPhone

The applications that unrecorded connected the location surface person their ain logos, but you tin usage a autochthonal iOS diagnostic to alteration the look of immoderate app icon:

1. Open the Shortcuts app connected your iPhone (it's already preinstalled).
2. Tap the positive icon successful the apical close corner.
3. Select Add Action.
4. In the hunt bar, benignant Open app and prime the Open App action.
5. Next, pat App and prime the app you privation to customize.
6. Then pat the downward-facing arrow adjacent to Open App astatine the top.
7. From the menu, pat Add to Home Screen.
8. Where it says Home Screen Name and Icon, rename the shortcut to thing you'd like.
9. Next, spell into your web browser of prime and find a caller icon image. You tin hunt for thing similar "Facebook icon aesthetic." When you find an representation you like, prevention it to your photos.
10. Go backmost to the Shortcuts app and pat the icon nether Home Screen Name and Icon. Select Choose Photo and pat connected the representation you conscionable saved. You tin zoom successful oregon retired connected the image. Tap Choose.
11. Finally, hit Add

Now you person a customized app connected your telephone (it's really a bookmark). You tin delete the archetypal app from your location screen, but you'll easy beryllium capable to find it successful your App Library.

There's truly nary amended mode to personalize your iPhone than with a colorful telephone case. FireNova has a silicone lawsuit successful a assortment of colors -- entity blue, midnight greenish and teal -- for the iPhone 14.

Customize the widgets connected your iPhone location screen

Apps aren't the lone happening you tin customize. With the assistance of this third-party app, you tin besides adhd a small spirit to your widgets:

1. Download the Widgetsmith app connected your iPhone.
2. In the app, prime the size of the widget you'd similar to customize -- your options are small, mean and large.
3. Tap the widget to customize it. You tin alteration the font and colors. Go backmost erstwhile you're done and pat Save.
4. Go to your location surface and clasp and property down anyplace connected the screen.
5. Once you're successful edit mode, pat the positive icon successful the apical near country and hunt for Widgetsmith. Tap the icon.
6. Select the widget size you'd similar to adhd to your location surface and pat Add Widget.
7. You tin alteration the widget by pressing down connected the app and selecting Edit Widget. That's all! Now your location surface has different-size icons for a customized look. 

You tin make widgets for definite features and applications, including photos, time, date, Weather (paid), Health, battery, Calendar, Reminders, tides (paid), and astronomy.

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