How to Have Different Headers and Footers Per Page in Google Docs

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By adding a header oregon footer to your document, you tin see accusation without distracting from the content. But you whitethorn not privation the aforesaid 1 connected each page. Here’s however to usage antithetic headers and footers successful Google Docs.

Headers and footers are communal locations for things similar your institution sanction oregon logo, leafage numbers, the papers author, and the date. But not each documents request these details. You whitethorn person a papers wherever you privation a header oregon footer connected lone the archetypal page, each different page, oregon 1 that’s unsocial connected each page.

Insert a Header oregon Footer

Each of the options for displaying antithetic headers oregon footers commencement the aforesaid way. You’ll request to insert the header oregon footer earlier you tin alteration its options.

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With your papers open, prime Insert from the menu. Move your cursor to Headers & Footers and prime “Header” oregon “Footer” from the submenu.

Insert a header oregon  footer successful  Google Docs

Use a Header oregon Footer connected Only the First Page

Once you travel the steps supra to insert your header oregon footer, spell to the archetypal leafage successful your papers and spot your cursor successful the header oregon footer area. You tin bash this by selecting the substance oregon double-clicking wrong that spot.

Check the container for Different First Page.

Header connected  the archetypal  leafage   only

You’ll past spot the header oregon footer removed from your remaining pages. This allows you to use a antithetic header oregon footer for the remainder of your document, keeping it antithetic than the archetypal page.

Use Different Headers oregon Footers connected Odd and Even Pages

Another built-in enactment is to usage antithetic headers and footers connected odd and adjacent pages. Place your cursor successful the header oregon footer country arsenic described above.

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Click “Options” and prime “Header Format” oregon “Footer Format.”

Options, Header Format

In the pop-up window, cheque the container for “Different Odd & Even” and click “Apply.”

Setting for Different Odd and Even

You tin past insert the header oregon footer for an unusual and adjacent leafage and it volition use to the remaining unusual and adjacent pages.

Different header connected  unusual  and adjacent    pages

Optionally, you tin inactive usage a antithetic header connected the archetypal leafage lone by checking that container successful the pop-up model oregon the header oregon footer conception connected the archetypal leafage arsenic described earlier.

Use a Different Header oregon Footer connected Each Page

Maybe you privation to usage a antithetic header oregon footer connected each leafage of your document. Google Docs doesn’t presently connection a built-in diagnostic to bash this, but determination is simply a mode to bash it utilizing Sections.

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By utilizing the Sections Break feature, you tin usage a antithetic header oregon footer for each one. This would necessitate you to make a caller conception for each leafage successful your document. It’s not ideal, but it is simply a workaround that does enactment if you truly privation unsocial headers and footers per page

To insert a conception break, spot your cursor successful the papers wherever you privation it. Go to the Insert menu, determination down to Break, and prime “Section Break (Next Page)” successful the menu.

Insert a conception  break

You’ll spot a bluish dotted enactment indicating the caller section. Here, we are inserting a 5th conception aft Section 4.

Section indicator

On the archetypal leafage of the caller conception (our Section 5), double-click wrong the header oregon footer area. Uncheck the container for Link to Previous. The existent header oregon footer substance disappears, and you tin past participate the caller text.

Unchecked Link to Previous

You tin besides click “Options” and prime “Header Format” oregon “Footer Format.” In the pop-up window, corroborate that lone the existent conception is selected successful the Apply To container astatine the top.

This Section lone  for the header

While we cannot amusement you our full document, here’s a snapshot. We person 5 sections, each with a antithetic header.

Different headers per section

Simply repetition this process for each leafage successful your document. Again, this isn’t the cleanable concern if you already usage sections for a antithetic intent oregon similar not to usage them astatine all, but it does springiness you a mode to person antithetic headers oregon footers connected every leafage of your document.

For further assistance with Google Docs, instrumentality a look astatine how to make a array of contents.

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