How to “Jailbreak” an Amazon Fire TV Stick

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Ever dreamed of getting Android apps from extracurricular the authoritative Amazon Appstore connected your Fire TV device? You can, successful a process often called “jailbreaking.” It’s casual to perform, and it’s not the amerciable oregon hacky process it sounds like.

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What Does “Jailbreaking” a Fire TV Stick Mean?

“Jailbreaking” is simply a word used (inaccurately) to picture the process of enabling the installation of apps from extracurricular the Amazon Appstore connected your Fire TV streaming device. Since the days of jailbreaking iPhones the word seems to present beryllium wide been utilized to notation to opening your instrumentality to unofficial apps. Some radical mightiness usage different terms, too, similar “rooting” and “hacking” to notation to the aforesaid procedure.

You’re not really jailbreaking, rooting, oregon hacking your Fire TV Stick, however. All you’re doing is activating an enactment connected your Stick that allows you to load apps (in the signifier of an APK file) from extracurricular the authoritative Amazon Appstore connected your device.

So if you privation to instal an app that’s not disposable connected the Appstore, you’ll sideload it connected your Fire TV Stick aft “jailbreaking” the device. The process is some ineligible and easy.

How to Allow Sideloading connected Your Amazon Fire TV Stick

To jailbreak your Fire TV Stick, you’ll archetypal alteration the chartless apps enactment and past download the Downloader app to install unofficial apps. Here’s the process divided into 2 parts.

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources connected Your Fire TV Stick

To let installation of apps obtained from extracurricular the Amazon Appstore, first, unfastened the Settings paper connected your Fire TV Stick.

Select "Settings" connected  the location  screen.

In Settings, take “My Fire TV.”

Access "My Fire TV."

On the “My Fire TV” page, prime “Developer Options.”

Open "Developer Options."

In the “Developer Options” menu, prime “Apps From Unknown Sources.”

Select "Apps From Unknown Sources."

Note: If you program to sideload from your Android instrumentality alternatively than from the Fire TV instrumentality itself, you should alteration the “ADB Debugging” enactment present arsenic well.

In the punctual that opens, take “Turn On” to activate the option.

Select "Turn On" successful  the prompt.

And that’s it. You tin present load your favourite app’s APK record and instal the app that mode connected your Fire TV Stick.

Step 2: Get the Downloader App connected Your Fire TV Stick

Now that APK installation is enabled, spell up and download an app similar Downloader that volition let you to download your favourite apps’ APK files and install those connected your Stick.

Downloader is simply a escaped download manager disposable connected the Amazon Appstore. You tin usage this app to download immoderate benignant of record to your device, including APKs. Other apps allowing you to bash this beryllium arsenic well, but for objection purposes, we’ll amusement you the process of getting Downloader installed.

To get the app, first, entree the Appstore enactment from your Fire TV Stick’s location screen.

Select "Appstore" connected  the location  screen.

Access the “Search” option, past hunt for and prime “Downloader.”

Search for and take  "Downloader."

On Downloader’s app page, take “Download” to download and instal the app connected your Stick.

Select "Download."

When Downloader is installed, prime “Open” to motorboat it.

Choose "Open."

On Downloader’s archetypal screen, you’ll beryllium asked to let the app to entree your files. Select “Allow” successful the prompt.

On Downloader’s main screen, enactment your cursor successful the “Enter a URL oregon Search Term” tract and benignant the web code (URL) of the tract oregon APK you privation to download. Then take “Go.”

Warning: Be definite to lone get APKs from trustworthy sources. We urge APKMirror arsenic a reliable and harmless root for APK downloads.

Sideload apps connected  the Fire TV Stick.

When your APK is downloaded, tally it and your Fire TV Stick volition punctual you to instal it. Your app volition past install, and you’ll find the recently obtained unofficial app successful your main app drawer.

Another mode to sideload apps connected your Fire TV Stick is by utilizing the escaped Apps2Fire app connected your phones. This is besides an casual mode to get caller apps connected your Stick.

And that’s however you jailbreak and past instal your favourite apps connected your Amazon streaming stick. Enjoy!

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