How to Let Users Upload Files and Photos in Google Forms

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When you make a signifier for occupation applicants, contention participants, oregon squad members, you tin fto respondents upload files oregon photos in Google Forms. You simply request to make a record upload “question.” We’ll amusement you however to bash that.

Add the File Upload Question successful Google Forms

Visit Google Forms, motion in, and unfastened the signifier you privation to usage oregon make a caller one. Use the floating toolbar connected the close broadside to adhd a question with the positive sign.

Add Question successful  the floating toolbar

Choose “File Upload” successful the question benignant drop-down container connected the apical close of the question block.

File Upload arsenic  the question   type

You’ll spot a connection letting you cognize that the files volition beryllium uploaded to your Google Drive and respondents volition beryllium required to motion successful with their Google account. Click “Continue” to adhd the question.

File Upload question   benignant   connection   successful  Google Forms

Add the question successful the Question tract and optionally attach an representation to your question if you like.

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Set the Limits for Uploaded Files

You astir apt don’t privation respondents uploading conscionable anything. To that end, you person 3 options to acceptable up your record upload question lone to judge files that you want.

File Type

Enable the toggle if you lone privation respondents to upload circumstantial record types. Then, cheque 1 oregon much boxes for the benignant including document, PDF, video, image, oregon different option.

Available record  types successful  Google Forms

Maximum Number of Files

In immoderate cases, you whitethorn privation to let respondents to upload much than 1 file. For example, if you person a photograph contention for participants to taxable much than 1 image, you tin acceptable that here.

Number of record  options for the upload question

Maximum File Size

Because the uploaded files are sent to your Google Drive, you whitethorn privation to bounds the record size. You tin prime from 1 MB up to 10 GB. You tin spot the signifier record size bounds beneath the setting. Select “Change” if you privation to summation this limit.

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File size options for the upload question

You tin past marque the question required by enabling that toggle connected the bottommost close of the question container if you like.

Your question is past acceptable to go!

How to View the Attached Files

Once you people oregon stock your signifier and commencement receiving responses, you tin cheque retired the files uploaded successful Google Drive 1 of these ways.

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Go to the Responses tab for your signifier to presumption idiosyncratic files for the question.

File uploads connected  the Responses tab

Go to the question connected your signifier oregon connected the Responses tab and take “View Folder.” You’ll beryllium directed close to the folder successful your Google Drive to spot each files.

View Folder enactment    connected  the question

Visit Google Drive and browse for the folder. Its sanction includes the signifier rubric with a subfolder for the question title.

When you get to the subfolder containing the uploaded files, each record sanction corresponds to the respondent’s Google relationship name. As mentioned above, respondents are required to motion successful with their Google relationship to upload the file.

File effect   subfolder successful  Google Drive

Whether you privation to person resumes, photos oregon videos, squad updates, oregon timesheets, the record upload question successful Google Forms is simply a convenient mode to bash it.

For more, larn however to limit responses successful Google Forms oregon however to close a form erstwhile you decorativeness accepting responses.

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