How to Mark an Image as a Spoiler on Discord

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A yellowish  motion   speechmaking  "Spoiler Alert."timyee/

If you’re sending a spoiler representation to idiosyncratic connected Discord, see using the spoiler tag truthful that your recipient needs to click the representation to presumption it and that it doesn’t unfastened directly. You tin bash this connected some your desktop and mobile, and we’ll amusement you how.

When your recipient receives the image, it volition beryllium a blurry representation with a spoiler tag connected it. When this tag is clicked, the representation opens arsenic usual.

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Spoiler an Image successful Discord for Mobile

  1. Upload an representation successful the connection creation field.
  2. Before sending, connected mobile pat the representation and alteration “Mark arsenic Spoiler.” On desktop, click the oculus icon.
  3. Enter immoderate substance you privation sent with the image, past nonstop it.

On your iPhone, iPad, oregon Android phone, usage the authoritative Discord app to send spoiler images.

To bash so, first, motorboat the Discord app connected your phone. In the app, unfastened the chat successful which you privation to spoiler an image.

In the chat screen’s bottom-left corner, pat the “+” (plus) icon.

Select "+" successful  the bottom-left corner.

From the assemblage presumption that opens, take the representation you’d similar to send. Don’t pat the Send fastener conscionable yet. Instead, pat extracurricular of the representation country truthful you’re backmost connected the chat screen.

Tap your attached photograph to unfastened it successful afloat size. Beneath the photo, alteration “Mark arsenic Spoiler.” Then pat the Back button.

Activate "Mark arsenic  Spoiler."

You’re backmost connected the chat screen. Here, optionally, participate the substance to spell on with your image. Then pat the Send fastener to nonstop your photograph arsenic a spoiler successful your existent chat.

Write a connection   and nonstop   the spoiler image.

When your recipient gets the image, they volition person to pat oregon click connected the representation earlier they tin spot it. If they don’t bash this, the representation won’t open.

A received spoiler image.

And that’s however you guarantee your friends don’t extremity up seeing the spoilers they aren’t expected to see!

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Send a Photo As a Spoiler successful Discord for Desktop and the Web

On your desktop computer, usage either the Discord app oregon Discord for the web to nonstop spoiler attachments.

To bash that, first, motorboat Discord connected your machine. Then entree the speech successful which you privation to connect a spoiler image.

On the chat screen, beside the connection box, double-click the “+” (plus) icon.

In your computer’s modular “open” model that launches, navigate to the folder that has your image. Then double-click your representation to adhd it to Discord.

Select a photo.

Back connected the speech window, successful your photo’s top-right corner, click the “Spoiler Attachment” (an oculus icon) option.

Mark a photograph  arsenic  spoiler.

Discord has present hidden your photograph and you present spot a “Spoiler” tag. To nonstop this attachment to your recipient, optionally, constitute your substance message. Then property Enter.

Send a photograph  arsenic  a spoiler.

You’re each set.

Did you cognize you tin besides use spoiler formatting connected Telegram?

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