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Sony's revived its PlayStation subscription services, truthful it's not astonishing that your eyes mightiness crook to PlayStation Plus Premium arsenic a mode to tally the games connected PC. It's particularly appealing if you privation to play games that aren't yet disposable connected PC, specified arsenic Spider-Man: Miles Morales. And it's casual capable to do: Here's however to get started.

Caveat gamer

First, determination are a batch of limitations and qualifications for the work that whitethorn drawback you disconnected guard. Here are immoderate things to ticker retired for:

  • Gameplay is streaming only; you can't download the games to play locally.
  • The app is conscionable for the PC. PlayStation Plus isn't supported connected Macs, Linux, iOS oregon Android devices.
  • It doesn't enactment the PS5's DualSense controller, lone the DualShock 3 and 4.
  • It doesn't enactment keyboard and rodent gameplay.
  • If you person aggregate monitors, games volition lone tally connected the main display.
  • You can't get audio done a headset plugged into your controller, lone straight from the PC.
  • Local multiplayer is supported wherever applicable but it's constricted to 2 players connected PC. It doesn't enactment Party Chat.
  • You'll request an big PlayStation Network relationship arsenic good arsenic a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription; that's wherever it stores your crippled progress.
  • Though they're disposable successful the Premium plan, Sony doesn't enactment crippled tryouts connected the PC.

Install the app

The strategy requirements are beauteous light. If you tin tally Windows 10, you tin tally the PlayStation Plus app. Other requirements are:

  • You're astatine slightest 18 years old.
  • A PlayStation Network relationship (with registered outgo details).
  • A crippled controller, preferably a DualShock 3 oregon 4.
  • An net transportation with astatine slightest 5Mbps bandwidth betwixt your strategy and the router.

If you don't person a PSN relationship oregon if you haven't updated your privateness settings, the app volition instrumentality you to the tract to execute those tasks. Unlike different services, the app doesn't look to cheque the prime of your net connection. 

You can download the app from the enactment page or travel the navigation from the main PlayStation Plus screen connected the site.  

The lightweight PC app is chiefly conscionable a launcher, but since it does treble work for the console, you whitethorn find immoderate of the crippled blurbs confusing. For instance, it says, "This merchandise entitles you to download some the integer PS4 mentation and the integer PS5 mentation of this game." But you truly can't download anything. Sony besides needs to spell done and alteration each the "PlayStation Now" references.

Playstation Plus web leafage   with Getting Started circled successful  the tract  navigation

Follow the "Getting started" nexus connected the PlayStation Plus web leafage to get to a download link.

Screenshot by Lori Grunin/CNET

In the PS Plus navigation -- not the tract navigation supra it -- there's a Getting Started nexus that takes you to a leafage with accusation connected the work successful wide and subscription options. If you haven't yet subscribed, that's wherever you bash it. To usage it connected PC, you person to get the top-tier, Premium plan for $10 to $18 a month, depending connected subscription tenure.

Playstation Plus web leafage   listing the requirements for moving  it connected  a PC and a nexus  to the app download

The app download nexus is buried successful the PlayStation Plus connected PC conception successful the mediate of the Getting started page.

Screenshot by Lori Grunin/CNET

Scroll down until you scope the "PlayStation Plus connected PC" section, wherever you'll find the download nexus arsenic good arsenic strategy requirements and different necessities.

 to usage  GPU for hardware acceleration and to usage  it to upscale the resolution.

The app offers 2 optimization options for systems with discrete GPUs.

Screenshot by Lori Grunin/CNET

Once the app's installed, you whitethorn request to restart it to get the latest version,  which looks similar the screenshot astatine the apical of this page, not similar the website. (You're much apt to request to restart if you had the older app installed connected your system.)

There are virtually nary app-specific settings. If you close click connected the PS Plus icon successful your strategy tray, you'll spot a "Graphics Settings" option, which sets it to instrumentality vantage (or not) of the discrete graphics processor successful your PC. There are lone 2 choices: 

  • Optimize app show -- this sets it to usage GPU calculations and acceleration for the fastest country rendering to the screen.
  • Optimize crippled watercourse -- All unreality gaming services render astatine a comparatively debased resolution, specified arsenic 720p oregon possibly 1080p. But they tin show astatine a higher 1440p oregon 4K by upscaling the little solution erstwhile the information watercourse hits your PC, provided you've got the due hardware.

If you acquisition glitchy behavior, unchecking them and trying again is simply a bully archetypal measurement erstwhile trying to diagnose the problem.

Connect a controller

The PS Plus location  surface  highlighting the crippled  controller icon successful  the precocious    close    corner

You tin toggle controller-based app navigation via an icon successful the precocious close corner.

Screenshot by Lori Grunin/CNET

You tin bash this either earlier oregon aft launching the app. After either plugging successful a controller via USB oregon connecting wirelessly according to the instructions for your peculiar model, an icon successful the precocious close manus country of the surface volition ungray itself. If you've attached an Xbox-compatible (actually, any XInput-compatible) controller -- Sony makes nary claims astir however good 1 volition work, and it seems to alteration depending connected which crippled you're playing -- you'll spot a mates of screens with immoderate warnings. Notably, it says question power isn't supported, fastener labels whitethorn vary, you won't person interaction pad functions and that you'll beryllium capable to discontinue the crippled by pressing the flight cardinal connected your keyboard.

The PS Plus app displays a informing  surface  listing limitations.

If you person immoderate controller but a DualShock 3 oregon 4, the app shows you these warnings.

Screenshot by Lori Grunin/CNET

The correlation betwixt the DualShock controls and Xbox controls is beauteous straightforward and casual to get utilized to.

After you click "Got it," the app volition driblet you successful a controller-friendly mode. A adjuvant "click here" dialog astatine the apical of the surface reminds you that you can, um, click determination to get backmost into mousing mode. If you adjacent that dialog, you tin ever click connected the controller icon successful the close country toggle it off.

And that's it! Happy gaming.

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