How to Remove Yahoo! Search From Google Chrome

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Not liking Yahoo arsenic the default hunt motor successful Google Chrome? If so, it’s casual to region this (or immoderate other) hunt motor from your browser. We’ll amusement you however to bash conscionable that connected desktop and mobile.

Warning: If you bash not retrieve mounting Yahoo arsenic your hunt engine, it whitethorn person been caused by malware oregon a harmful Chrome extension. Consider disabling your Chrome extensions and removing malware to hole the issue.

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How Search Engines Are Added and Removed From Chrome

In Chrome’s desktop version, you tin adhd arsenic good arsenic region immoderate hunt motor you want. In Chrome connected mobile, though, you can’t adhd oregon region hunt engines. You tin lone power to a antithetic hunt motor if you bash not similar the existent one.

Therefore, successful this guide, you volition larn however to region Yahoo Search from Chrome connected the desktop. On mobile, you volition larn however to switch to different hunt engine, similar Google.

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Remove Yahoo Search From Chrome connected Desktop

To region Yahoo from the hunt engines database successful Chrome connected your Windows, Mac, Linux, oregon Chromebook computer, first, unfastened Chrome connected your computer.

In Chrome’s top-right corner, click the 3 dots.

Click the 3  dots successful  Chrome's top-right corner.

From the three-dots menu, prime “Settings.”

Select "Settings" from Chrome menu.

On the “Settings” page, successful the near sidebar, click “Search Engine.”

Select "Search Engine" connected  the "Settings" page.

You volition spot a “Search Engine” conception connected the right. Here, click “Manage Search Engines.”

Click "Manage Search Engines" successful  the "Search Engine" section.

Chrome volition unfastened a “Manage Search Engines” page. If Yahoo is your default hunt engine, you volition person to power to a antithetic hunt motor earlier you tin region Yahoo.

To bash so, find your preferred hunt motor successful the list, click the 3 dots adjacent to it, and prime “Make Default” from the menu.

Select a hunt  motor  and take  "Make Default."

You are present acceptable to region Yahoo. To bash so, adjacent to “Yahoo” connected the list, click the 3 dots and take “Remove From List.”

Select Yahoo and take  "Remove From List."

And immediately, Chrome volition region Yahoo from the hunt engines list.

On the aforesaid page, reappraisal the “Other Search Engines” database and, if it appears, region Yahoo from determination arsenic well. You tin bash truthful by selecting the 3 dots adjacent to “Yahoo” and choosing “Remove From List.” Your browser is present Yahoo-free!

If Chrome inactive behaves weirdly, see resetting it to the default settings. This volition hole immoderate options changed by malware oregon an extension.

Remove Yahoo arsenic the Default Search Engine successful Chrome connected Mobile

In Chrome connected your iPhone, iPad, and Android phone, you can’t adhd oregon region hunt engines, but you tin power betwixt them. This allows you to get escaped of Yahoo arsenic the default hunt motor and marque different hunt motor (like Google) the default.

To bash so, first, unfastened Chrome connected your phone. Tap the 3 dots to unfastened Chrome’s menu. On an iPhone and iPad, you volition find these 3 dots successful the bottom-right corner. On an Android phone, these dots are astatine the top-right corner.

Tap the 3  dots successful  Chrome connected  mobile.

In the Chrome paper that opens, pat “Settings.”

Tap "Settings" successful  Chrome menu.

In the “Settings” menu, pat “Search Engine.”

Tap "Search Engine" connected  the "Settings" screen.

The “Search Engine” leafage displays each the disposable hunt providers. Select a non-Yahoo hunt motor present to marque it the default.

Select a non-Yahoo hunt  engine.

That’s it. Chrome connected your telephone present uses your selected hunt motor arsenic the default.

And that’s however you spell astir removing an undesired hunt motor from your favourite browser!

Did you cognize you tin add immoderate hunt engine to your browser?

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