How to Reset Microsoft OneDrive on Windows 10 to Fix Sync Problems

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OneDrive syncs with your Windows 10 instrumentality successful bid to backmost up your files to the cloud, but sometimes determination tin beryllium immoderate issues preventing the sync from moving correctly. Resetting OneDrive could perchance hole these issues.

What Happens When You Reset OneDrive?

OneDrive is great, but it’s not flawless. Though not a communal occurrence, you whitethorn person to occasionally reset OneDrive 1 Windows 10 to hole sync issues. But, earlier you reset OneDrive, it’s bully to cognize what really happens erstwhile you do.

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Most importantly, you won’t suffer immoderate information erstwhile you reset OneDrive. All the files stored locally connected your PC volition stay connected your PC, and each the files stored successful OneDrive volition stay successful OneDrive.

What does happen, though, is immoderate existing connections volition beryllium disconnected—the full constituent of the reset is to disconnect and reconnect. Also, if you lone selected circumstantial folders to backup to OneDrive, you’ll request to redo those settings erstwhile you reconnect to OneDrive. OneDrive won’t retrieve your erstwhile settings.

Sound similar a pain? It’s truly not that hard of a process, but you tin ever effort simply restarting OneDrive. Unlike a full-blown reset, which resets your settings and disconnects the transportation betwixt your Windows 10 PC and OneDrive, a restart conscionable shuts down and reboots OneDrive portion keeping each settings intact.

Try Restarting OneDrive First

Restarting OneDrive whitethorn hole immoderate transportation problems that are causing OneDrive to not sync properly. To restart OneDrive, right-click the OneDrive icon successful the desktop’s strategy tray and past click “Close OneDrive” from the menu.

A notification model volition look asking if you’re definite you privation to adjacent OneDrive. Click the “Close OneDrive” fastener to confirm.

Click Close OneDrive.

Once selected, OneDrive volition adjacent and its icon volition vanish from the strategy tray. Now you request to motorboat it again. To bash so, benignant “OneDrive” successful the Windows Search container and past take the “OneDrive” app from the hunt results.

Search for OneDrive.

OneDrive volition present restart and, if each goes well, volition statesman syncing correctly again. If not, a afloat reset whitethorn beryllium what you need.

How to Reset Microsoft OneDrive

To reset OneDrive connected your Windows 10 PC, unfastened the Run app by pressing Windows+R. You tin besides usage Command Prompt for this process if you prefer.

Next, you’ll request to participate the record way of the OneDrive executable file, followed by /reset, successful the substance container of the Run app. The record way of the .exe record whitethorn disagree for assorted reasons, but it is usually 1 of the commands below. You tin springiness these commands a try. If the bid is the close command, OneDrive volition reset. If the bid you participate contains an incorrect record path, you simply person an mistake message—nothing other happens. Keep trying until you find the close one.

Of course, if you don’t similar guessing, you tin locate the onedrive.exe record successful File Explorer, enactment the record path, and tally the command.

%localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset C:\Program Files\Microsoft OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset

Once you’ve input the command, property the Enter cardinal oregon click “OK.”

Enter OneDrive reset command.

You’ll present request to reboot OneDrive. Type “OneDrive” successful the Windows Search barroom and past click “OneDrive” from the hunt results.

Search for OneDrive.

OneDrive volition present unfastened and statesman automatically syncing your files and folders. Again, if you antecedently told OneDrive to lone sync circumstantial files and folders, you’ll request to redo those settings.

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