How to See Dislikes on YouTube Again

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YouTube nary longer allows you to spot dislikes connected videos, which tin beryllium important accusation successful determining whether oregon not a video is trustworthy oregon accurate. Though it comes with immoderate caveats, you tin reconstruct dislikes with a browser extension.

Restore YouTube Dislikes With a Browser Extension

You tin reconstruct dislikes connected YouTube successful conscionable a fewer clicks with a browser hold imaginatively called Return YouTube Dislike. Currently, the hold tin beryllium installed connected Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Brave arsenic a autochthonal application.

Firefox and Chrome usage their ain autochthonal versions of the app, portion the different listed browsers are each compatible with the Chrome version. Some browsers similar Edge whitethorn necessitate that you let extensions from different stores earlier you tin bash this.

Restore YouTube dislikes with the Return YouTube Dislikes extension

If you usage different browser past each anticipation is not lost. There’s a userscript disposable for the Tampermonkey add-on, which should let the hold to enactment successful the desktop mentation of Safari. You tin besides instal an iOS tweak for jailbroken devices if you hap to usage 1 of those.

Once you’ve installed the hold connected your browser of choice, simply caput to a YouTube video to spot the like-to-dislike ratio.

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Not a Completely Accurate Tally of Dislikes

The hold works utilizing a operation of cached information that was grabbed earlier YouTube disabled entree to the dislike relation successful its API, and extrapolated idiosyncratic behavior. This means that the fig of dislikes connected immoderate fixed video volition not beryllium correct, but the ratio should beryllium somewhat accurate.

Viewing a YouTube video's similar  to dislike ratio

Everyone who uses the hold contributes information to assistance find the ratio, which means that the hold writer is gathering accusation astir the videos you watch. Only contented creators tin spot the “true” fig of likes and dislikes their videos receive, and determination are plans to let creators to stock this accusation with the hold successful the future.

How close overmuch of this information remains implicit the agelong word depends connected however galore radical usage and lend their data. Tech YouTube transmission LinusTechTips compared its ain counts with counts supplied by the hold and recovered that they were mostly accurate.

This is astir arsenic bully arsenic tin beryllium hoped for erstwhile extrapolating values based connected behaviour and historical data. It mightiness help you debar a scam oregon inaccurate how-to, which is 1 of the main concerns voiced by those who opposed YouTube’s determination to disable the ratio successful the archetypal place.

Gauging Video Quality connected YouTube

YouTube disabled like-to-dislike ratios successful effect to brigading and wide dislike campaigns leveled astatine immoderate creators not for the prime of the contented but owed to targeted attacks. While this is simply a valid concern, the determination besides knocked retired 1 of the lone metrics for gauging a video’s worthy connected the platform.

YouTube present recommends that viewers edifice to the comments instead. This is the level that gave commencement to the “never work the comments” meme, and truthful galore creators present disable comments to combat spam and hatred already.

It looks similar YouTube volition beryllium leaning heavy connected users reporting comments successful the aboriginal if this is going to enactment out.

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