How to See What Something Is Worth Using eBay

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If you’re buying oregon selling an point and person nary thought what it’s worth, don’t worry: By checking the prices of akin sold items connected eBay, you tin get immoderate thought of an item’s value. Here’s however to tally a terms cheque connected eBay.

First, unfastened your favourite web browser and sojourn You tin besides unfastened the eBay app connected your mobile device. In the hunt barroom astatine the apical of the page, benignant successful what you’re trying to find the worth of. If you cognize the sanction of the point exactly, it’s bully to beryllium arsenic circumstantial arsenic possible. If not, consciousness escaped to bash a much wide search.

On the eBay desktop website, benignant   successful  a search.

When you spot hunt results, the adjacent measurement is to constrictive them down to items that person been successfully sold. If you’re connected the eBay mobile app, pat Filter > Show More. Then, crook connected “Sold Items” and pat “Show Results.”

On the eBay mobile app, flip the power   beside "Sold Items."

If you’re connected a desktop browser, erstwhile you spot the hunt results, scroll down and find the “Show Only” conception of the sidebar. Place a checkmark beside “Sold Items.” (“Completed Items” volition besides cheque itself automatically.)

(By the way, you tin besides usage eBay’s Advanced Search form to hunt for sold items. Just benignant successful your hunt and cheque “Sold listings” earlier you click “Search.”)

On the eBay desktop website, cheque  "Sold Items" successful  the sidebar.

Note: Avoid looking astatine the “Completed Items” results unless “Sold” is besides checked, due to the fact that those results see items wherever sellers inquire for ridiculously precocious prices for items that whitethorn ne'er sell. You lone privation to spot items that radical were consenting to bargain astatine that price.

When you person a database of antecedently sold items, it’s utile to benignant them by price. On the mobile eBay app, pat the “Sort” fastener and prime “Highest Price + Shipping” from the list.

On the eBay desktop website, click the drop-down paper beneath the “Search” button. Select “Price + Shipping: Highest First,” and the results volition reload with the highest-value sold items astatine the apical of the list.

On the eBay desktop site, benignant   by highest price.

Likewise, if you privation to find the lowest-priced results, prime “Price + Shipping: Lowest First” from the list. Alternately, you tin benignant by information (“New” oregon “Used”), which mightiness travel successful handy.

Making Sense of the Search Results

When viewing the highest-priced results connected eBay, you privation to beryllium careful. Many of the highest-priced items listed successful the “Sold Items” class are successful fantabulous oregon mint condition, oregon they mightiness beryllium a somewhat rarer mentation of what you’re looking for. So marque definite that the information of the point matches what you’re pricing it for earlier expecting eBay-level apical dollar for something.

For example, if you were trying to terms an Atari 800 location machine and recovered this effect astatine the apical of the list, you’d request to recognize that it sold for $660 due to the fact that it was successful an unused information with its archetypal packaging.

Example of a high-priced eBay hunt  result.

If you scroll further down done the hunt results, you’ll find that your emblematic Atari 800 machine usually sells for astir $150 successful OK but moving condition. So, if you conscionable pulled a soiled Atari 800 from an attic, you aren’t going to get $600 for it. But if you recovered a pristine Atari 800 mint successful its archetypal box, you could astir apt expect $600 oregon much (if you sold it connected eBay). And connected the buying side, if you recovered a mint-in-box Atari 800 for $50, you recovered a large deal!

So, knowing the information of the point you’re pricing is key. It helps to look astatine galore akin income connected eBay to fig retired wherefore immoderate items are selling for the prices they fetch.

Also, it’s important to cognize that astir items typically don’t merchantability for eBay-level prices successful idiosyncratic (say, astatine a gait merchantability oregon flea market) due to the fact that the excavation of imaginable customers is acold lower, and the seller is little apt to find idiosyncratic seeking precisely that point successful a peculiar information with the convenience of an instant acquisition shipped to their house. Similarly, if you are buying thing uncommon with a negotiable terms successful person, you tin astir apt get it astatine a terms beneath eBay levels due to the fact that the seller mightiness beryllium itching to merchantability it rapidly that day.

In the end, the last worth inactive depends connected the situation, but if you bash arsenic overmuch probe arsenic you tin done income results connected eBay, you’ll beryllium that overmuch much informed. Good luck!

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