How to Set Up Content Filters on Google Assistant Speakers

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Google Assistant-enabled astute speakers and displays are handy, but they’re not without issues. There aren’t galore restrictions connected what they tin bash by default, meaning anyone successful your location could entree thing they shouldn’t. Let’s acceptable up immoderate filters.

You whitethorn not deliberation astir it similar this, but a Nest Home, Google Home, oregon different astute talker is fundamentally a gateway to the internet. Only alternatively of a rodent and keyboard, you’re utilizing your voice. You astir apt don’t springiness your kids unfettered entree to the web, truthful wherefore not usage immoderate filters connected astute devices, too?

Let’s get started by opening the Google Home app connected your iPhoneiPad, or Android device. Scroll down and prime a astute talker oregon display.

Tap the instrumentality  you want.

Next, pat the cogwheel icon successful the apical close to unfastened the Settings.

Select “Notifications & Digital Wellbeing.”

Select "Notifications and Digital Wellbeing."

Now pat “Digital Wellbeing.” You’ll spot a fewer introductory screens if this is your archetypal time.

Tap "Digital Wellbeing" and travel  steps.

First, you’ll beryllium asked to take who you privation the contented filters to use to. You tin prime 1 of 2 options:

  • Everyone: Everyone.
  • Only Supervised Accounts and Guests: “Supervised Accounts” are accounts acceptable up under Family Link to beryllium supervised. “Guests” are immoderate radical not recognized by Voice Match.

Choose radical   to include.

Scroll down a spot and you tin prime immoderate different devices you’d similar to filter, past pat “Next.”

Select devices and pat  "Next."

The archetypal filter is for Videos. You tin let immoderate video, lone let filtered videos from circumstantial services, oregon artifact each videos. Tap “Next” aft making a selection.

Video filters.

Next up is Music. Again, you tin let each music, prime lone non-explicit euphony from definite services, oregon artifact each music. Tap “Next” aft your selection.

Music filters.

The adjacent surface allows you to artifact quality and podcasts. Tap “Next” to proceed.

News and podcasts filters.

The past measurement isn’t truly a “content filter.” You tin disable the quality to marque calls, restrict the answers Google Assistant tin give, let lone “family-friendly actions,” and artifact websites connected astute displays.

Additional filters.

A fewer filters tin spell a agelong mode successful preventing your kids oregon different radical from getting results you mightiness not want. Of course, you can’t expect these filters to artifact everything, truthful support that successful caput arsenic well. Google Assistant is simply a almighty helper if you usage it right.

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