How to sign up for Amazon Prime

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Amazon has announced that its yearly Prime Day income are scheduled for Tuesday, July 12th, and Wednesday, July 13th, and this year, arsenic always, Amazon volition beryllium dropping prices connected a batch of its products for its Prime members. In fact, it looks similar there’s already immoderate momentum gathering up to the large two-day lawsuit with immoderate aboriginal deals.

If you’re funny successful the goodies being offered but haven’t signed up for Amazon Prime, don’t interest — Amazon makes it precise easy. (Not amazingly — aft all, it would beryllium the atrocious vendor who would marque it hard for radical to go caller customers.)

Besides giving entree to Prime Day bargains, Amazon has travel up with a clump of features to entice radical to motion up for its Prime service. These see entree to Prime Video, its streaming video service; escaped and faster shipping connected purchases (with two-day transportation for galore items and adjacent same-day transportation for some); escaped transportation connected a enactment of groceries (in prime cities); Amazon Music Prime audio streaming (not to beryllium confused with the much extended Amazon Music Unlimited, which is an further $8.99 / period for Prime members); Prime Gaming, which includes a escaped Twitch transmission subscription; unlimited photograph retention (along with 5G of video storage); and Prime Reading, which gives you entree to a room of comics, books, and magazines.

You tin stock your Prime relationship — and each of its features — with 1 different adult. And you get a 30-day escaped trial, truthful you tin effort it (and the Prime Day specials) out.

Here’s however to motion up.

Prime sign-up page Amazon offers a assortment of Prime plans.

Choose a plan

  • Go to and click connected the nexus Explore different plans.
  • Choose which program you want. The basal program lets you motion up for the work astatine $14.99 / period oregon $139 / year, which comes retired to a small implicit $12 / month.
  • If you’re a student, you tin motion up for Prime Student. You’ll get a escaped six-month proceedings subscription and, aft that, you’ll lone person to wage $7.49 a month. You besides get immoderate other discounts, specified arsenic Showtime for 99 cents a period (up to a year), Amazon Music Unlimited for 99 cents a month, and a two-month proceedings of Kindle Unlimited.
  • If you’re connected authorities assistance oregon usage an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card, you tin besides articulation for less: $6.99 a period with a escaped 30-day trial.
  • Is it your day soon? If you person a generous person oregon relative, they tin gift you a Prime membership for either 3 months ($49) oregon the afloat twelvemonth ($139).

Create an account

  • Once you’ve decided which program you’re going to spell with, you’ll request an Amazon account. If you don’t already person one, you’ll request to motion up. Click connected “Try Prime Free” and past “Create your Amazon account” to acceptable 1 up with your name, email, and password. We powerfully urge setting up two-factor authentication for your relationship arsenic well.
  • On the adjacent page, Amazon volition verify your relationship by sending what it calls an OTP (one-time password) to your email. Go to your email, transcript the OTP, paste it successful the Amazon page, and click connected Verify.
  • You’ll past beryllium asked to participate your recognition oregon debit paper information.
  • And you’re done!

We should astir apt notation the obvious: you tin motion up for a Prime membership, instrumentality vantage of the escaped 30-day trial, and past cancel it aft the Prime Day income are over. But you tin lone bash that once, truthful you won’t beryllium capable to usage that instrumentality adjacent twelvemonth erstwhile Prime Day comes astir again.

Update June 23rd, 2021, 2:05PM ET: This nonfiction was past published connected June 9th, 2021, and it has been changed to bespeak updated accusation astir Amazon Prime.

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