How to turn off the Nintendo Switch (and its controllers)

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When you’re done playing with your Nintendo Switch console, you astir apt conscionable pat the powerfulness fastener connected top. However, pressing the powerfulness fastener erstwhile doesn’t really crook the instrumentality each the mode off. If you’re idiosyncratic who worries astir the longevity of your device’s artillery health, you’re astir apt going to privation to cognize however to crook your Switch off. The aforesaid goes for the controllers, which person built-in batteries. Let’s sermon however to crook disconnected your Nintendo Switch, arsenic good arsenic the controllers.

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To crook disconnected your Nintendo Switch property and clasp down the powerfulness fastener until you spot a paper popular up. Select Power Options > Turn Off.

To crook disconnected your Joy-Cons oregon Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, they indispensable beryllium detached from and wirelessly connected to your Nintendo Switch device. Press the achromatic fastener connected apical of your controller and you should spot the lights crook off.


If you weren’t already aware, pressing the powerfulness fastener rapidly connected your Switch volition lone enactment the instrumentality to sleep. This is why, erstwhile you pat the powerfulness fastener erstwhile the surface is off, the Nintendo Switch wakes up truthful quickly.

While this is precise useful and a definite upgrade successful presumption of wake-up clip successful examination to past Nintendo devices, determination are ever times erstwhile you should crook your instrumentality disconnected completely. For example, if you request to upgrade your microSD storage, you should ever bash truthful with the instrumentality wholly powered down.

How to crook disconnected the Nintendo Switch

With your Switch retired of the dock, successful handheld mode, property the powerfulness fastener and clasp it down for 5 seconds.

hold this down   for 5  seconds

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Press A connected Power Options.

select powerfulness  options

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Press A connected Turn Off.

select crook   disconnected  from powerfulness  options

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How to crook disconnected a Nintendo Switch controller

There are 2 types of officially licensed Nintendo controllers: the Joy-Cons and the Pro Controller.


To crook disconnected Joy-Cons, you don’t truly person to bash anything. They volition crook disconnected aft a abbreviated play of clip if the instrumentality is off.

However, if you are utilizing them detached from the console itself, past you indispensable property the circular achromatic fastener connected the broadside to crook disconnected the Joy-Con.

where is the powerfulness  fastener  connected  a nintendo power   joyousness  con

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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

If your Pro Controller is connected to your Switch, you tin ever crook it disconnected and disconnect it by pressing the achromatic fastener connected apical of the controller. It is located adjacent to the USB-C port.

where is the powerfulness  fastener  connected  a nintendo power   pro controller

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It isn’t required to afloat crook disconnected your Switch each the time. However, afloat powering down your devices is ever a bully signifier to support bully instrumentality artillery wellness and support longer artillery life.

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