How to Use Board View in Microsoft Outlook Calendar

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Microsoft Outlook Board View

If you’re a instrumentality of the Kanban board method of enactment similar Trello oregon MeisterTask, springiness the committee presumption successful Outlook calendar a try. With a click, you tin spot your schedule, sticky notes, uncompleted tasks, indispensable files, and more.

As of this penning successful September 2021, the committee presumption is disposable lone successful the calendar connected Outlook for the web. With it, you tin make antithetic boards, adhd what you privation to each, resize oregon determination items, and spot your astir important items successful 1 useful spot.

Open Board View successful Outlook

Visit, motion in, and click the Calendar icon connected the near arsenic you usually would to spot your docket and events.

Using the drop-down fastener connected the apical close that displays your existent calendar view, take “Board.”

Select Board successful  the drop-down list

You’ll past spot your default committee presumption with a fewer items already placed by Microsoft to get you started. These whitethorn see your calendar, tasks, notes, and tips. The items are interactive, truthful you tin bash things similar make a calendar event, people a task complete, oregon jot a note.

Default board

Add oregon Remove Items connected Your Board

You tin adhd and region items connected your committee to marque it enactment champion for you.

To adhd an item, click “Add to Board” connected the apical left. Click “Show All” astatine the bottommost to spot each disposable items. You tin adhd things similar a link, file, location, clock, and the weather.

Choose an point  to add

When you prime an point to add, it volition look successful a blank spot connected your board. Simply resistance it wherever you’d similar to spot it.

Place the point  connected  the board

To region an item, click the 3 dots connected the apical close of it to unfastened More Options. Then, prime “Remove From Board.” Alternatively, prime the point and take “Remove From Board” successful the toolbar.

Select Remove From Board

Rearrange Your Board

You tin signifier your committee nevertheless you like. Simply click an point you privation to move, resistance it to its caller determination connected the board, and release. As you determination an item, you’ll announcement a faint lined background. This tin assistance you enactment up your items neatly.

Lined background

You tin besides determination a radical of items. Hold Ctrl connected Windows oregon Command connected Mac arsenic you click each item. You’ll spot each item’s borderline crook blue. With them each selected, simply resistance to determination the group.

Group items to move

Additionally, you aren’t constricted to utilizing conscionable the abstraction you see. You tin determination items acold to the close oregon down past the bottom. Just resistance dilatory to determination an point to a determination off-screen and the surface volition move.

Then, to spot those items, click and clasp a blank spot connected the board. You’ll spot an outline of your committee look connected the bottommost right. Drag the surface until the outline shows the items you privation to view.

View the full   board

If you privation to unafraid your items successful their spots connected your committee you tin fastener them. This prevents you from accidentally moving something. Turn connected the Lock Items toggle connected the apical close of your board.

Turn connected  Lock Items

Resize oregon Customize Items

Many items you spot connected your committee tin beryllium resized. So you tin marque things similar your notes smaller and your calendar bigger. Click the 3 dots connected the apical close of the point and prime “Resize” oregon prime the point and click “Resize” successful the toolbar.

Select Resize

Then resistance a country oregon edge, inward oregon outward to the size you want.

Resize an item

Some items that you adhd to your committee connection other options. For instance, if you display your calendar, you tin prime the presumption specified arsenic agenda, week, oregon month. For the clock, you tin alteration the colour and for notes you tin acceptable a owed date.

Click the 3 dots connected the apical close of a committee point to spot each disposable options. Or prime the point and presumption the options successful the toolbar.

Item colour  options

Create, Edit, oregon Delete Boards

As mentioned, you tin make further boards alternatively of conscionable utilizing the Default. This is wherever the diagnostic truly comes successful handy. You mightiness make boards for home, work, and school, each with its ain acceptable of adjuvant items.

To make a board, click the Board drop-down arrow connected the apical right. Move your cursor to the arrow adjacent to Board and take “New Board.”

Select New Board

Give your caller committee a sanction and click “Create.”

Name your committee  and click Create

You’ll past person a caller committee to put and customize. Use the aforesaid drop-down container astatine the apical to rapidly power betwixt boards.

Switch boards

You tin edit a committee you make by changing its name, oregon delete 1 you nary longer need. Click the Board drop-down arrow connected the apical close and past the arrow adjacent to Board. To the close of the board, click either the pencil icon to edit it oregon trash tin icon to delete it.

Edit oregon  Delete a board

Note: You cannot edit oregon delete the Default board.

The committee presumption successful Outlook calendar offers a utile overview of each items you privation to see. Whether you privation to check the weather oregon people a task arsenic complete, it’s a terrific feature.

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