How to use SharePlay to share your FaceTime screen

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One of the caller features that iOS 15 has promised to connection is the quality to stock your iPhone and iPad surface during FaceTime sessions truthful that you tin bask films, music, and different media on with friends and family. While this caller feature, called SharePlay, did not vessel with the archetypal mentation of iOS 15, it has been included successful iOS 15.1 and tin present beryllium enjoyed — to a constricted extent.

Currently, you tin stock contented from Apple TV and Apple Music — assuming some of you are subscribers — and a fewer different apps. I had nary occupation sharing a YouTube video, for example; different apps that are supported see HBO Max, Hulu, and Disney Plus (but not Netflix). It tin beryllium presumed that the database of shareable apps volition proceed to expand.

It’s rather casual to usage the caller SharePlay feature, erstwhile you’ve installed iOS 15.1.

  • Start a FaceTime session. Make definite whoever other is connected the league besides has iOS 15.1 installed.
  • You should spot a caller icon connected the precocious close broadside of the surface that resembles a tiny fig successful beforehand of a screen. Tap connected that.
  • You’ll spot a drop-down fastener that says “Share My Screen.” Tap connected that and you’ll beryllium sharing your surface with your friend.

Now you tin amusement disconnected your homescreen to your FaceTime friend, play a YouTube video, oregon perceive to the aforesaid Apple Music track. If you privation to power to the different person’s screen, each they person to bash is pat connected their SharePlay icon.

Another mode to stock an app is to simply spell to that app during a FaceTime league and commencement it up. If SharePlay is possible, you volition get a pop-up paper asking if you privation to usage SharePlay, oregon if you privation to play the video oregon euphony lone for you.

And astatine immoderate time, you tin spell backmost to your FaceTime app, pat connected the SharePlay icon, and prime End SharePlay.

The caller SharePlay diagnostic successful iOS 15.1 is astir apt going to beryllium precise popular. It volition let friends and household to chat unneurotic portion watching videos oregon listening to music; fto concern associates sermon a spreadsheet portion retired and about; oregon marque it easier to stock and remark connected your latest radical photos. And arsenic Apple adds much apps that tin marque usage of SharePlay, it should conscionable get better.

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