How to View a List of Symbolic Links on Windows 11

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Symbolic Links (Symlinks) are fundamentally shortcuts to different record oregon folder. If you are utilizing a batch of symbolic links, you whitethorn privation to rapidly render a implicit database of them for reference. Here’s how.

What Are Symbolic Links?

Symbolic links are notation points for different files and folders. Imagine copying and pasting a record oregon folder, but alternatively of duplicating that content, it conscionable links backmost to the root record oregon folder and opens it erstwhile accessed. This saves a batch of valuable retention space, and tin besides streamline workflows successful definite situations.

There are 2 types of symbolic links you request to cognize about: Hard symlinks and brushed symlinks. Both notation a specified record oregon folder, but erstwhile a brushed symlink is accessed, the strategy redirects you to wherever the record oregon folder lives, whereas hard links marque the strategy deliberation the symlink is the existent record oregon folder.

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How to View a List of Symbolic Links

You tin presumption a database of symbolic links by running a command successful Command Prompt. Open Command Prompt by clicking the Search icon successful the Windows taskbar, typing “Command Prompt” successful the Search box, and past clicking “Command Prompt” successful the hunt results.

Search for Command Prompt.

In Command Prompt, tally this command:

dir /AL /S c:\

Enter the bid  to presumption    symlinks.

A database of each of the symbolic links successful the c:\ directory volition beryllium returned. You tin alteration the directory by replacing c:\ with whichever directory you privation to get a database of symbolic links from. For example, if you wanted to get a database of symlinks successful the d:\ directory, you would run:

dir /AL /S d:\

That’s each determination is to it.

If you’re viewing a database of symbolic links connected your PC, past you astir apt already cognize how to make and usage them, arsenic well. But this isn’t a Windows-only feature—you tin besides usage make and usage them connected Mac oregon Linux.

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