How we covered the evolution of computing

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February 1969

From “Man, Machine, and Information Flight Systems”: The formation of Apollo 8 to the satellite progressive obtaining and processing much bits of information than were utilized by each warring forces successful World War II. The technological accomplishment successful processing precocious rockets for flying to the satellite is reasonably good known. Much little understood, but possibly of adjacent greater significance, is the accusation absorption system. The enactment of thousands of radical successful existent time, and the information processed by galore almighty computers, is organized, processed, filtered, and channeled done 1 to 3 radical successful the cockpit successful understandable and digestible form. With this accusation the pilots tin instrumentality enactment with assurance knowing that they are successful league with almighty logic systems and an overwhelmingly ample fig of cells of representation storage.

February 1986

From “The Multiprocessor Revolution: Harnessing Computers Together”: By harnessing galore comparatively inexpensive VLSI processors unneurotic into a multiprocessor strategy we whitethorn importantly trim the outgo of achieving today’s fastest computing speeds. Many of america harbor expectations that this caller breed of machines volition marque imaginable immoderate of our astir romanticist and ambitious aspirations: these caller machines whitethorn admit images, recognize speech, and behave much intelligently. Even anthropomorphic grounds suggests that if computers are to execute intelligently, galore processors indispensable enactment together. Consider the quality eye, wherever millions of neurons cooperate to assistance america see. What arrogant reasoning led america to judge that a azygous processor susceptible of lone a fewer cardinal instructions per 2nd could ever grounds intelligence?

May 1999

The Computing issue

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From “Cyborg Seeks Community”: People find me peculiar. They deliberation it’s unusual that I walk astir of my waking hours wearing 8 oregon 9 Internet-connected computers sewn into my covering and that I deterioration opaque wrap-around glasses time and night, wrong and outdoors. They find it unusual that to prolong wireless communications during my travels, I volition ascent to the edifice extortion to rig my country with an antenna and Internet connection. They wonderment wherefore I sometimes look detached and lost, but astatine different times I grounds immense cognition of their specialty. A physicist erstwhile said helium felt that I had the quality of a twelve experts successful his discipline; a fewer minutes later, idiosyncratic other said they thought l was mentally handicapped. Despite the peculiar glances I draw, I wouldn’t unrecorded immoderate different way.

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