HTC Vive Flow VR headset revealed with insect-like goggles

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htc vive flow


  • The HTC Vive Flow VR headset has present been officially revealed.
  • The device, with its bug-like duplicate goggles, is simply a standalone headset.
  • It’s presently acceptable for a motorboat successful November for the terms of $499.

HTC is trying erstwhile again to get radical excited astir virtual reality. Today, aft a fig of erstwhile leaks,  the institution officially announced the HTC Vive Flow. This VR headset is designed to beryllium an all-in-one device, meaning that it doesn’t request to beryllium tethered physically to a PC oregon smartphone.

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The HTC Vive Flow has besides been designed to beryllium lightweight. It weighs conscionable 189 grams, which hopefully means you tin deterioration it for hours. The 2 lens displays each person a solution of 1.6K-per-eye and a 75Hz refresh rate. It besides has a 100-degree tract of view.

Instead of including a controller, the headset connects via Bluetooth to an Android smartphone (sorry, nary iOS support), which serves arsenic a benignant of virtual laser pointer. It volition besides request to link to a abstracted artillery pack, which should let the headset to enactment for up to 5 hours connected a azygous charge.

The HTC Vive Flow is being marketed arsenic a VR headset that’s some casual to usage and casual to transport. HTC wants users to not lone devour media connected the Vive Flow but besides usage it for assistance successful meditating and sleep. About 100 apps volition enactment the Vive Flow erstwhile it launches.

The Verge got immoderate little hands-on clip with the HTC Vive Flow and reported mixed results. There is nary strap strategy to support it successful place, and arsenic a result, the reviewer’s headset kept sliding off. Also, moving with a smartphone arsenic a controller is reportedly awkward.

The HTC Vive Flow is scheduled to motorboat successful November with a $499 terms tag. There’s a abstracted $79 terms for the artillery pack. It remains to beryllium seen if this volition vie with the existent person successful the VR hardware space, Oculus, which currently has power of 75% of the market.

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