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More than a twelvemonth aft the motorboat of its predecessor, Huawei's next-gen flagship phone, the P50 series, is acceptable to beryllium unveiled astatine a motorboat lawsuit connected July 29, the institution announced connected Tuesday connected assorted societal media channels.

The bid volition people the opening of "a caller epoch of mobile imaging," Richard Yu, caput of Huawei's user concern group, revealed successful a station connected Weibo, saying a "new mobile imaging technology" volition travel with their release. Next Thursday's lawsuit is simply a dedicated China-only launch, but the P50 bid is besides acceptable to person a broader planetary rollout presumably to existing markets including the EU and the UK. The lineup is rumoured to dwell of 3 models -- the P50, P50 Pro and P50 Pro Plus.

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Huawei is attempting to marque a comeback aft biting US sanctions contributed to the erosion of its planetary smartphone marketplace share. Over the past fewer years, the Trump medication has slapped a bid of pugnacious sanctions connected the Chinese company, which resulted successful its antecedently best-selling smartphones shipping without Google's fashionable bundle and apps, among different consequences. Restrictions connected Huawei buying US-made components besides meant the institution had to halt making the own-brand Kirin chipsets that powerfulness its phones. 

At a motorboat lawsuit successful June, Huawei unveiled its ain mobile operating strategy called HarmonyOS designed to regenerate Google Mobile Services connected its smartphones arsenic good arsenic an array of user devices. It besides utilized past month's lawsuit to tease the P50 series, but didn't stock astatine motorboat date. 

"For reasons you are each alert of, a motorboat day has not been set," Yu said astatine the event.

Correction: An earlier mentation of this nonfiction utilized a header indicating an incorrect motorboat date. Update to close it to July 29.

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