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Our Verdict

With its powerful tools and versatility, the HubSpot Service Hub is one of the best customer relationship management (CRM) platforms we’ve worked with.


Powerful CRM tools Effective plans for businesses of all sizes Fully customizable solutions available


Not the cheapest CRM software User interface setup can be difficult

Developed by leading business management software provider HubSpot, the HubSpot Service Hub offers powerful customer relationship management tools to help you grow your business. 

In the modern world, customer service is everything. Brands across the world are losing huge numbers of clients every day because of poor service, but the HubSpot Service Hub includes a range of features to prevent this happening to you. 

For example, it comes with tools to help you organize your customer service processes, along with an intuitive management dashboard and knowledge base builder.

Plans and pricing

HubSpot offers three different Service Hub plans. Prices range from $30 to $1200 per month for base subscriptions. Alternatively, you can purchase a complete HubSpot Growth Suite bundle or build your own package with a combination of the Service Hub and any other programs you need.  

It’s worth noting that HubSpot does offer a selection of basic customer service tools for free, including ticketing, team email, live chat, and simple reporting capabilities.

Service Hub Starter

HubSpot’s cheapest Service Hub Starter plan costs $30 per month ($50 without discounts). It includes access to the HubSpot CRM and comes with a range of customer communication management tools, including live chat, ticketing, conversational bots, and a team email interface. 

The Starter plan also includes a selection of productivity optimization tools and impressive reports. You can add extra users for $30 per user per month, and there are a range of addons available that allow you to customize your plan.

Service Hub Professional

A Professional Service Hub plan will cost you $240 per month ($400 without discounts). It includes up to five paid users and everything in the Starter plan. Along with this, you will be able to create a knowledge base and tutorial videos. 

You will also be able to access more advanced reports and a range of automation tools. Extra users can be added for $48 per user per month.

Service Hub Enterprise

Finally, an Enterprise subscription will unlock HubSpot’s complete range of Service Hub features. Base prices start at $1200 per month for up to 10 users, and everything in the Professional plan is included.

Additionally, the Enterprise plan comes with a range of tools to help you manage large teams, including Slack integrations, user roles, and single sign-on networks. More users can be added for $120 per month per user.


The HubSpot Service Hub is a very specific piece of software built on a selection of powerful features. More advanced plans naturally include more features, but we’ve outlined a few of our favorites below. 

Help desk software

For starters, HubSpot’s Help Desk software is among the best we’ve seen. Built on a clear, intuitive interface, it includes tools to help you keep on top of customer requests. 

The Help Desk’s clever layout reduces the risk of customer issues getting looked over as your business grows. It keeps track of things like the status of a ticket, how long resolution took, and where a particular ticket is in the queue. 

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Team email software

Additionally, HubSpot’s Service Hub includes powerful team email software that you can use to manage your customer service team. Basically, it allows you to connect a range of email addresses to a universal inbox. 

From here, you can manage customer requests, reply to emails, and keep track of open support tickets. Every interaction will be recorded and visible to the entire team, which means the chances of a customer email slipping through the cracks is negligible. 

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Knowledge base creation

Finally, a Professional or Enterprise subscription will include tools to help you create a comprehensive knowledge base for your business. You will be able to draw on common customer questions to put together search engine optimized guides and how-to articles, along with video tutorials if necessary.

Interface and in use

All three Service Hub plans include access to the HubSpot CRM. This is a powerful management interface that allows you to look after your contacts, schedule meetings, and customize a range of business processes. 

For example, the HubSpot CRM allows you to add live chat buttons to your website, track and manage emails, and connect with prospective clients. Basically, it brings together the features of your Service Hub plan into one tidy dashboard—and we love it

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HubSpot offers powerful customer support software, so it makes sense that it includes industry-leading support services itself. Paying customers can take advantage of its great phone and email support, but free users will be limited to the HubSpot community forum. 

You can also draw on HubSpot’s advanced knowledge base, which includes detailed reference documentation and other help articles.

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The competition

The HubSpot Service Hub is great, but there are numerous alternatives worth considering. 

One of our favorites is Zendesk, which is more affordable and comes with a better user interface and tools suited to larger businesses. 

Alternatively, you could make use of Freshdesk, which is designed for fast collaboration and streamlined customer service across the board.

Final verdict

Ultimately, the HubSpot Service Hub offers powerful solutions to all your customer service management needs. It comes with an impressive range of tools, including the ability to create your own knowledge base and how-to videos. 

However, HubSpot is on the expensive side compared to other CRM software providers. It’s worth considering your options, but we think the Service Hub is a good choice if you have the budget for it. 

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