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Our Verdict

The Hydragun has a premium build, works marvellously good to soothe strained and fatigued muscles, but besides comes with a comparatively premium terms tag. It’s cheaper than a Theragun Pro oregon Theragun Elite, though, and ships with six attachments and has six velocity options. It doesn’t travel with each the features of a Theragun, similar Bluetooth enactment for a connected app and an OLED display, but the Hydragun does precisely what it says connected the tin – relieves mundane aches and pains, and loosens choky muscles aft a workout.


  • Relatively quiet
  • Ergonomic design
  • 6 attachments and velocity settings


  • Lowest mounting inactive assertive for delicate areas
  • Expensive for some

One-minute review

Massage guns are each the rage present and Hydragun is claiming a portion of that pie. In the caller working-from-home culture, it doesn’t instrumentality precise overmuch for america to consciousness sore by the extremity of day, and taking connected the musculus fatigue aft a workout is further accent connected the body. While there’s thing similar a agelong massage by an existent person, we don’t usually person that luxury – and that’s wherever massage guns travel in.

Hydragun is akin to astir different massage guns connected the market, shipping with six antithetic attachments to people antithetic musculus groups, with six antithetic speeds to take from. And it does precisely what it says connected the tin – kneads muscles to effort and get to heavy insubstantial knots to relieve soreness and fatigue by stimulating humor proviso to the inflamed areas.

While it works marvellously good connected astir ample musculus groups, it tin consciousness rather assertive successful immoderate others. For example, if you usage it on the curve of the cervix and shoulder, it whitethorn consciousness similar your encephalon is vibrating, adjacent connected the lowest setting, making it an uncomfortable experience. If you tin carnivore it for a fewer minutes, though, there’s thing similar a small kneading with the Hydragun to region the soreness you consciousness aft an full time successful beforehand of the computer.

What we similar astir the Hydragun is the quality to scope that annoying country of the enarthrosis leaf that gets sore aft utilizing a rodent astatine a desk. Used with the slug attachment, it tin excavation into the musculus determination to relieve pain, but if it’s a chronic issue, thing similar a specializer trigger constituent instrumentality is acold much effective.

That said, erstwhile it comes to combating the mundane aches and pains of moving astatine a table each day, oregon relaxing aft a strenuous workout, the Hydragun is much than a lucifer for those. It mightiness beryllium an costly concern astatine afloat price, but a portion of that outgo is justified by the premium materials utilized to marque the merchandise and however well-balanced it feels erstwhile using. It’s besides beauteous quiescent for a massage gun.

Hydragun with brushed  shot  head

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Price and availability

  • Available nonstop to consumer
  • List price: $499 / AU$599 (about £365)

The Hydragun isn’t disposable successful retail stores. Instead, you get it online, straight from the company. Hydragun has online storefronts for Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States, the past 1 besides catering to the remainder of the satellite if the merchandise needs to vessel elsewhere.

At $499 / AU$599 (around £365) a pop, it is expensive, but comes successful cheaper than the likes of the Theragun Pro and the Theragun Elite, though these 2 premium models connection much features than the Hydragun. That said, the full kit is usually discounted connected the Hydragun website, truthful support an oculus retired and you tin prevention a mates of 100 bucks. 

Shipping is escaped successful the countries with a section mentation of the online storefront (the merchandise ships astir the satellite from the US), positive there’s a 30-day risk-free instrumentality argumentation if you’re not blessed with the product. Return shipping, however, is astatine your idiosyncratic cost. If you’re disquieted astir the longevity of the massage gun, there’s a 1.5-year warranty disposable arsenic well.

Several different cheaper options are usually listed connected sites similar Amazon, but these brands whitethorn not person worldwide availability.

Hydragun successful  the hand

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  • Familiar gun-like design
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Several attachments

Like astir massage guns presently available, the Hydragun ships successful a semi-soft question lawsuit that besides encloses immoderate other freebies similar a macromolecule bar, oculus gel, nasal spray and curated playlists to assistance you relax.

The massage weapon itself is made from premium, futuristic materials similar aerospace-grade aluminum and nano silica gel (used successful the grip), which mightiness explicate wherefore it costs arsenic overmuch arsenic it does. The six attachments that travel with the gun, however, don’t stock the premium materials, but they look bully and are beauteous sturdy. 

The attachments are 2 stainless alloy flatheads, 1 integrative flathead, 1 brushed shot head, a fork and a slug – astir people the larger musculus groups, but immoderate tin beryllium utilized for deep-tissue massage and bony areas similar ankles. Also successful the lawsuit is simply a charging cablegram and, depending connected wherever the merchandise is being shipped to, a mates of adaptors truthful you tin usage the Hydragun anyplace successful the world.

Hydragun transportation  lawsuit  with each  attachments

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The massage weapon feels dense – weighing 2.3lbs/1.04kg – but is precise good balanced and you soon get utilized to the heft, with perfectly nary strain connected the wrist. The value mightiness beryllium owed to the artillery (2,600mAh that lasts up to 6 hours) and motor, some of which are amended performers than the Theragun options. For example, the Theragun Pro uses replaceable batteries that committedness up to 150 minutes per battery, portion the centrifugal pumps astatine a apical velocity of 2,400rpm arsenic compared to the Hydragun’s 3,600rpm.

The azygous power fastener for the Hydragun is connected the backmost sheet of the device, which is besides made of the aforesaid silicone arsenic the grip. The powerfulness fastener successful the mediate not lone turns the weapon connected and off, but besides cycles done the six velocity settings. Arranged horizontally and vertically astir the powerfulness fastener are the LED indicators for velocity and artillery level. 

On the apical borderline of the circular rear sheet is besides a ‘stall’ indicator that detects torque unit and lights up if you’re pressing excessively much. While it’s bully to person that option, we didn't spot it travel connected during retired investigating arsenic we didn’t propulsion hard capable to trigger a informing – it hurts plentifulness connected sore muscles adjacent erstwhile lightly held. That said, you’ll evidently ne'er spot the stall indicator travel connected if you hap to beryllium utilizing the Hydragun connected your backmost oregon neck.

And that’s it – there’s nary companion app, similar the 1 for the Bluetooth-enabled Theragun Pro and Elite models that let you customize precise speeds, oregon the OLED integer show connected these premium models.

Hydragun power  panel

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  • Up to 6 hours of artillery life
  • Vibrations alternatively than pulsing movements
  • Quiet for a massage gun

The Hydragun tin beryllium utilized astatine immoderate signifier of your workout regular – you could bash a speedy massage before, during your workout routine, oregon a much prolonged league after. It’s casual capable to acceptable a flathead oregon the brushed shot caput to the weapon and transportation successful your gym bag. Being artillery operated, with a beauteous awesome artillery life, means you tin usage it distant from immoderate mains. 

The champion portion astir utilizing it anyplace is however quiescent it really is. If you’re successful a locker room, it won’t beryllium louder than idiosyncratic talking. It registers astatine astir 30dB connected a decibel meter, which is astir arsenic overmuch arsenic an electrical toothbrush. In contrast, immoderate Theraguns are beauteous loud, buzzing arsenic large arsenic a vacuum cleaner.

The centrifugal offers six antithetic speeds ranging from 1,200rpm to 3,200rpm and adjacent the lowest mounting tin supply relief, though it depends connected the circumstantial usage case. After a peculiarly aggravated workout, we recovered the mediate 2,000rpm oregon 2,400rpm mounting to beryllium the astir effectual connected 2-minute sessions, but the lowest velocity tin besides consciousness precise aggravated connected areas similar the neck. When we utilized the slug attachment connected the debased 1,200 rpm mounting to knead retired the effects of 8 hours spent astatine a computer, it was inactive vigorous capable to marque it hard to breathe. That said, not everyone volition beryllium truthful delicate to vibrations and the Hydragun volition enactment connected astir musculus groups without immoderate broadside effects.

Hydragun successful  usage  connected  calf muscle

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You’ll request to beryllium cautious erstwhile utilizing the Hydragun connected oregon adjacent bony areas – similar on the spine oregon adjacent the ankle – arsenic the weapon tends to bounce disconnected the harder surfaces. While it doesn’t wounded if you accidentally determination implicit a bone, the thrust distant from the assemblage tin beryllium a hard jolt that whitethorn origin you to driblet the pulsating device.

Speaking of pulsating, you tin spot this hap lone astatine the lowest velocity of 1,200rpm. Anything supra that looks and feels much similar vibrations which, if you truly privation to spell heavy tissue, doesn’t ever supply relief, similar the country of the scapula wherever galore of america endure from musculus contraction caused by utilizing a rodent for days together.

For the accustomed aches and pains, and sometimes for adjacent much terrible muscular injuries, the Hydragun does a superb occupation of reducing soreness and pain. Using the Hydragun for a fewer minutes each time helped trim the symptom of a peculiarly nasty calf musculus wounded considerably during our testing, allowing the country to heal fully.

Note that the Hydragun switches disconnected automatically aft 15 minutes of changeless use, which is an fantabulous failsafe due to the fact that it’s precise tempting to support massaging a sore country for longer lone due to the fact that it feels truthful good.

Should I bargain the Hydragun?

Hydragun with brushed  shot  caput  connected  transportation  case

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Buy it if...

You request musculus alleviation aft regular workouts

If you emotion moving out, and usually bash an aggravated league a fewer times a week, the Hydragun tin assistance you forestall delayed onset of musculus soreness (or DOMS). Even those who don’t bash strenuous rotation classes tin inactive instrumentality vantage of the Hydragun. It’s besides large for those mundane aches and pains that you mightiness endure aft moving astatine a table each day.

You’re prone to musculus cramps

There are aesculapian conditions that origin muscular symptom and cramps, similar vitamin and mineral deficiencies oregon adjacent the effects of a Covid-19 infection. While a massage weapon isn’t a cure, it tin assistance supply impermanent alleviation truthful you tin get connected with different tasks, but beryllium definite to talk to a wellness nonrecreational to get the champion aesculapian proposal for these conditions.

Don't bargain it if...

You’re connected a budget

While the Theragun Pro is 1 of the astir costly massage guns connected the market, determination are immoderate precise affordable knock-offs disposable that are, to beryllium fair, tin beryllium bully too. The Hydragun, portion cheaper than a Theragun, isn’t arsenic affordable arsenic those knock-offs. So if your fund doesn’t agelong excessively far, you whitethorn beryllium capable to find cheaper options.

You endure from chronic musculus tightness

While a speedy pummeling with a massage weapon tin permission you feeling better, it’s not a cure for chronic conditions. People who endure from chronic musculus tightness whitethorn find impermanent alleviation portion utilizing the Hydragun, but it’s not a substitute for physiotherapy oregon remedial massage.

[First reviewed July 2021]

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