HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven review: a countertop oven with plenty of presets

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On paper, the HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven has everything you could perchance privation successful an aerial fryer: pre-sets, ample cooking capableness and a viewing window. However, it's the wide size of a microwave, and you can't make your ain cooking programme successful immoderate different mode than to tweak an existing preset. In addition, the minimum cooking duration is 5 minutes, which is excessively agelong for reheating pizza, "boiling" eggs, oregon making food connected toast. If you tin enactment up with those niggles, however, past perfectly cooked foods volition beryllium plated up without overmuch engagement – truthful agelong arsenic you instrumentality to the presets.


  • +

    Looks smart

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    Easy to use

  • +

    XXL capacity


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    Takes clip and abstraction to acceptable up

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    Too galore accessories for some

  • -

    5-minute minimum cooking duration

  • -

    Tricky to support clean

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Two-minute review

The HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven offers a generous abstraction and plentifulness of imaginable successful which to navigator a assortment of foods. It combines a regular oven with aerial fryer functions, fundamentally doing distant with the request for a toaster, oven and microwave – due to the fact that not lone does this appliance travel with the cooking abstraction of an over, it besides offers 10 tweakable presets.

Fun fact: the HYSapientia marque sanction consists of “HY” and “Sapientia” – “HY” is pronounced “Hi”, and “Sapientia” means “Wisdom” successful Latin. The founders created the marque connected noticing that the accepted mode of cooking took immoderate time, resulting successful vigor waste, arsenic good arsenic unhealthy eating habits. 

This aerial fryer oven is stated to prevention up to 55% disconnected the vigor measure erstwhile compared to 3kW accepted ovens, and navigator successful 50% little time.

And I recovered this was surely existent erstwhile cooking frozen fries, which were cooked to perfection successful 15 minutes alternatively of 22 minutes successful a regular oven, portion a rotisserie chickenhearted was beautifully roasted successful 45 minutes alternatively of 1 hr 20 minutes.

The presets the HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven offers includes bread, bake, fish, dehydrate, chickenhearted drumsticks, fries, defrost, steak, pizza and rotisserie. The timer tin beryllium adjusted per infinitesimal and the somesthesia from 41ºF/5ºC utilizing a knob and the LED show screen.

For me, the inability to acceptable the timer for little than 5 minutes proved a small limiting. I wasn't capable to "quickly" reheat a portion of pizza, oregon decorativeness cooking foods for an other mates of minutes. The "ding" sound of the knob upon each crook was beauteous annoying, and each the accessories accompanying the HYSapientia took up much abstraction than I person disposable for my aerial frying setup.

At $149.99/£199.99, the oven is competitively priced – and for that wealth bash you get plentifulness by mode of options for cooking foods. With truthful galore possibilities, the HYSapienta volition surely bash distant with the request for a fig of different appliances connected the countertop – but, to beryllium fair, you whitethorn request to bash that anyhow due to the fact that the HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven does instrumentality up much abstraction than different aerial fryers.

Keep scrolling to spot however we got connected utilizing this aerial fryer and cheque retired our best aerial fryer usher for alternatives.

HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven review: terms and availability

  • List price: $149.99/£199.99
  • Available successful the US and UK, but not Australia

The HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven is disposable to bargain successful the US and UK – although, astatine the clip of writing, it was showing arsenic retired of banal successful the US until July 2023. It isn't disposable successful Australia.

You'll find it listed connected Amazon US and  Amazon UK for a database terms of  $149.99/£199.99.

The HYSapientia delivers plentifulness for that money, if you're not looking for bucket-loads of flexibility – particularly compared to the Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven. The second is comparatively smaller with a 17-liter capacity, but you tin acceptable the timer for 0-60 minutes and the somesthesia betwixt 250-450ºF / 90-230ºC, thing that isn't imaginable with the HYSapientia. The Cuisinart is much costly astatine $229.95 / £250, though this could beryllium wealth good spent if you privation much adaptable temperatures and timings.

Price: 4/5

HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven review: specifications

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The specs of our HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven reappraisal unit
Price: $149.99/£199.99
Capacity:25.3 quarts / 24 litres
Max. temp: 446F/230C
Noise level:60dB
Material:Stainless steel
Dimensions:14.5 x 16.14 x 15.9in / 37 x 41 x 40.5cm
Accessories:rack, crumb tray, baking pan, oven rack, aerial fryer basket, rotisserie, oven gloves & manual

HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven review: design

  • LED display
  • Buttons and stepless knob to control
  • Large capableness with 3 levels

The HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven looks similar a regular oven. It's made from stainless steel, and has a fold-down doorway with grip and neat power panel. The doorway offers double-layer insulation and a solid viewing window, which is truly utile for keeping a cheque connected cooking progress. 

There are 2 power buttons – 1 to acceptable the somesthesia and the different to acceptable the timer – positive a azygous knob for ramping up oregon code down the controls. The somesthesia scope is from 140F/60ºC to 446ºF/230ºC and the timer tin beryllium acceptable from 5 – 60 minutes.

You'll besides spot a powerfulness button, start/ intermission fastener and the enactment to crook the interior airy connected and off. There's besides the enactment to power betwixt instrumentality 1 and instrumentality 2, meaning you tin person conscionable instrumentality 1 moving oregon some to boost aerial circulation. This is lone imaginable connected the Defrost preset.

The LED show sheet shows 10 presets successful total. This includes bread, bake, fish, dehydrate, chickenhearted drumsticks, fries, defrost, steak, pizza and rotisserie.

HYSapientia aerial  fryer oven show  screen

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

The oven measures 14.5 x 16.14 x 15.9in / 37 x 41 x 40.5cm (h x w x d), which is beauteous sizeable for an aerial fryer, but akin to a microwave. Air fryer ovens bash thin to beryllium larger than handbasket aerial fryers, truthful you'll request abstraction for it connected the countertop. In fact, you'll besides necessitate generous country for mounting it up (more connected this later).

HYSapientia aerial  fryer oven interior   airy  and shelves

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

Inside, there's 25.3 quarts/ 24 liters of cooking space, with 3 positions astatine which you tin slot successful the oven rack oregon baking tray. Depending connected what's cooking, there's capable abstraction to person the rack oregon tray successful situ astatine the aforesaid time.

Other accessories that travel with the HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven see a crumb tray, rotisserie, oven gloves and a manual.

HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven review: performance

Before archetypal use, I washed the HYSapientia's fry basket, oven rack, baking cookware and crumb tray with hot, soapy h2o and a non-abrasive sponge, arsenic instructed.

There was immoderate bluish integrative astir the edges of the crumb tray that took immoderate clip to remove, arsenic did the sticker connected the solid door, which pealed distant successful bits.

HYSapientia aerial  fryer oven acceptable   up

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

There's nary request to pre-heat the HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven, and with 10 presets to take from, cooking had the imaginable to beryllium seamless.

I started with frozen fries successful the aerial fryer basket. The "fries" preset cooks for 15 minutes astatine 356ºF/180ºC – and was cleanable for making crispy fries, with a fluffy inside. Cooking successful the HYSapientia aerial fryer was 7 minutes faster than it would person been successful a regular oven. And I didn't usage immoderate oil, due to the fact that shop-bought fries thin to see immoderate already. 

HYSapientia aerial  fryer oven fries

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

I besides utilized this aforesaid pre-set to navigator frozen battered fish. The cooking results were cleanable – a crispy batter and tender flakey food – but the clean-up afterwards proved troublesome. A ample chunk of batter had go stuck to the aerial fryer handbasket – which, erstwhile scraped, became trapped successful the ligament mesh and took immoderate effort to remove.

Next, I tried the "rotisserie" preset to navigator chicken, astatine 356ºF/180ºC for 45 minutes. I prepared the chickenhearted by filling the cavity with halved lemons, coating the extracurricular with a operation of herbs and seasoning. I past inserted the rod done the cavity and utilized the prongs (the rotisserie set) to unafraid the rod to the chicken, earlier slotting it wrong the aerial fryer.

As the chickenhearted turned the lemons fell out, and portion of the chickenhearted singed connected the heating constituent connected each turn. At slightest the crumb tray successfully collected foodstuff from the meat, making cleaning easier.

At 1.5kg successful weight, the chickenhearted was a small smaller than the roast jerk chickenhearted look successful the usher but I was inactive amazed that the cooked chickenhearted was a small dry. The tegument was nicely crisp, though, and importantly, it was cooked through.

HYSapientia aerial  fryer oven rotisserie chicken

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

I besides utilized the HYSapientia to marque air fryer quiche for the Coronation, and it was a crowning glory, arsenic good arsenic a food and herb toastie, making a fewer adjustments to a preset.

The quiche cooked for 17 minutes astatine a somesthesia of 320ºF/160ºC – and it was portion making it that I struggled with the minimum cooking duration of 5 minutes. Once the archetypal cooking clip of 15 minutes had surpassed, I felt that the quiche filling could bash with a mates much minutes. The minimum clip duration meant that I had to acceptable it for 5 minutes, but I past paused cooking aft 2 minutes. The interior airy and viewing model proved invaluable here, due to the fact that I could cheque connected cooking advancement and forestall the quiche from burning.

air fryer coronation quiche connected  a sheet  adjacent  to aerial  fryer

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

I made the food and herb toastie by mounting the clip to 7 minutes and the somesthesia to 374ºF/190ºC – and the results were perfect. When I've made a toastie successful a handbasket aerial fryer successful the past, I've needed to crook it implicit aft 7 minutes to "toast" the different side. However, since there's much country successful an aerial fryer oven  for the aerial to circulate astir the food, the HYSapientia delivered a quicker and much adjacent cook.

HYSapientia aerial  fryer oven toastie

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

Other foods that I've cooked successful the aerial fryer oven are vegetables, which was overmuch quicker than successful a accepted oven, and I've reheated pizza, too; but this required  some monitoring due to the fact that of the 5-minute minimum cooking time. Nevertheless, the results were delicious for both.

Tweaking the somesthesia and / oregon timer via the knob tin go somewhat irritating arsenic a effect of the "ding" sound connected each turn. Unfortunately, there's nary mode to crook this off. 

The somesthesia tin beryllium adjusted successful 41ºF/5ºC increments, and the clip minute-by-minute. With 1 infinitesimal of cooking clip left, the interior airy switches connected automatically – a bully interaction for determining whether nutrient is adjacent to being ready. And erstwhile the appliance has cooled down aft a cook, it's advised that you cleanable the crumb tray positive immoderate different accessories utilized to support it successful tip-top information – and to debar immoderate transverse contamination betwixt foods.

In use, the HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven was recorded 62dB of noise, which is equivalent to the level of a mean conversation. 

Should I bargain the HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven?

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HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven people cardAttributesNotesScore
PriceIt's not the cheapest, but it's surely not the astir expensive. Available successful the US and UK, but not Australia.4/5
DesignReally ample for an aerial fryer - it's much similar an oven. The pre-sets are adjuvant but adjusting them is clunky.3/5
PerformanceCooks caller and frozen foods perfectly, and marginally quicker than handbasket aerial fryers. A small annoying that the cooking clip is 5 minutes minimum.4.5/5

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Don't bargain it if...

HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven review: Also consider

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Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster OvenProscenic T31Sage the Smart Oven Air Fryer
Price$229.95 / £250$249/£199$529.99 / £329.95 / AU$599
Capacity17.9 quarts/17 liters15.8 quarts/ 15 liters22 liters
Power / wattage1800W1700W2400W
No. of programmes71310
Timer0 – 60 minutes1 – 60 minutesInfo not available
Max. temperature250-450ºF/90-230ºC165-400ºF/75-205ºC122-450ºF/50-230ºC
Dimensions14 x 16 x 15.5in/35 x 40 x 31cm13.8 x 15.4 x 16.5in/ 35 x 39 x 42cm11 x 18.5 x 14.5in / 28 x 27 x 37cm

If you similar to person a handbasket aerial fryer, present are immoderate different brands and models to consider...

How I tested the Swan Duo Digital Air Fryer

  • I utilized it arsenic our main aerial fryer for 2 weeks
  • I utilized a assortment of presets to navigator frozen fries, marque a toastie, rotisserie a chickenhearted and reheat pizza

The HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven has been utilized successful my location for 2 weeks. It comes aft we completed our reappraisal of the Swan Duo Digital Air Fryer, which is simply a dual-drawer handbasket aerial fryer. There were immoderate differences, 1 of the astir evident being that the HYSapientia is much of a countertop oven, and the size of a microwave.

I worked my mode done respective of the 10 presets to navigator frozen and caller foods, positive reheat a homemade pizza. Aside from adjusting the presets, determination was nary different mode to acceptable the timer and temperature, particularly erstwhile trying to reheat the pizza oregon to navigator definite foods for a fewer much minutes due to the fact that the minimum cooking clip that could beryllium acceptable was 5 minutes.

I've been reviewing aerial fryers for (almost) 1 twelvemonth for TechRadar, portion my acquisition of reviewing different appliances and astute location devices surpasses a fewer years. As idiosyncratic who likes to navigator a assortment of foods successful an aerial fryer, and depends connected specified an appliance for meal time, I person a bully knowing of the features to look for erstwhile considering a purchase.

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First reviewed May 2023

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