Hyundai's New Concept EV Looks Cozy Enough to Live In

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Nov 25, 2021, 12:34 p.m. EST | 1 min read

 Hyundai Concept SUV EVHyundai

Earlier this month, Hyundai released some teaser images of a caller conception EV named the “Seven,” an all-electric SUV that looks cozy capable to unrecorded successful with comfortableness and styling successful mind. The conveyance made its ceremonial debut astatine the LA Auto show, and it looks uniquely stunning. Additionally, this conception hints astatine a caller SUV exemplary “coming soon to the Ioniq family.”

The South Korean carmaker says that the Seven conception captures the company’s “future plan and exertion innovation successful the electrical mobility epoch and hints astatine a caller SUV exemplary coming to the IONIQ family.” 

Based connected that, it’s apt that this is simply a mentation of what volition yet get arsenic the Ioniq 7 to spell on with the brand’s recently unveiled Ioniq 5 all-electric crossover. That said, immoderate of the interior stylings whitethorn request a redesign for today’s standards.

As you tin see, the Hyundai Seven conception features a cozy, lounge-like interior. However, it’s important to retrieve that this conception is conscionable that, and a batch volition alteration from the existent showing to the accumulation model. Still, the interior looks stunning. Speaking of the interior, Hyundai says it’s made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

Hyundai Seven ConceptHyundai

The SEVEN is built on Hyundai’s caller E-GMP level and is fundamentally a preview of what full-size electrical SUVs would look similar connected the E-GMP program.

Hyundai didn’t stock overmuch astatine first, but astatine the LA Auto Show, the institution released a fewer preliminary numbers. Claiming the E-GMP level tin present full-size electrical SUVs with robust 800-volt systems susceptible of upwards of 300-miles connected a azygous charge. In addition, these vehicles could enactment 350-kW accelerated charging and diagnostic respective neat features similar futuristic interiors, bi-directional charging, and more.

We’re assuming these caller EVs volition tally connected a artillery akin to what’s successful the Hyundai Ioniq 5, which is simply a 72.6-kWh artillery susceptible of a 300-mile range. However, they’ll request to marque the strategy much businesslike oregon compression retired much if they privation to scope that scope connected a bigger SUV.

In closing, the institution said the fancy interior shown present reflects the changing lifestyles of its customers. Still, we’ll person to hold and spot conscionable however overmuch of this translates to a mass-market conveyance similar the upcoming Ioniq 7.

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