I have a hard time believing your wearable is good if you had to Photoshop it onto a model

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Wearable gadgets unrecorded oregon dice connected whether they’re really comfy to wear — it’s pugnacious to urge a fittingness tracker that gives maine a rash oregon a headset perpetually dragging my caput down. So, for HTC’s new, exceptionally airy Vive Flow VR headset, the institution wanted to amusement conscionable however effortlessly it mightiness acceptable into your life, commissioning pictures of men and women wearing it successful their cozy surviving rooms without a attraction successful the world.

One alternatively important crushed why they don’t look to care: they’re not wearing it astatine all. It’s photoshopped. The pistillate successful the photograph supra was really photographed with a vessel of popcorn, not a headset oregon a phone. Here’s what the archetypal looks similar at istockphoto.com:

“Girl connected the sofa successful the surviving country eating popcorn” Getty Images/iStockphoto

As Protocol’s Janko Roettgers pointed retired yesterday connected Twitter, the immense bulk of HTC’s leaked manner images of the HTC Vive Flow look to person travel from istockphoto.com arsenic well, and HTC is prominently utilizing the last versions of those pictures connected its public-facing website now. Here are a mates more:

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Getty Images/iStockphoto

It could beryllium worse. They could person forced a ridiculous grin onto somebody’s face, an representation which I don’t spot connected the last website:

Or, they could person pulled a Panasonic and photoshopped a achromatic man’s caput onto a achromatic man’s body, successful summation to buying successful their wearable speaker.

This is the 2nd clip successful 2 months we’re seeing a wearable gadget digitally added to a person’s body, and it’s weird. It’s misleading, and — just oregon nary — my gut absorption is to wonderment what these companies mightiness beryllium trying to hide. (My workfellow Adi Robertson said the headset kept slipping down her look successful demos, but she besides tried a antithetic look gasket that worked better.)

This is simply a atrocious look, peculiarly for wearables. Please halt it.

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