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I conscionable wrapped up a Thanksgiving repast with my family, and portion we were cleaning up the craziest happening happened. I broke retired my Shark VacMop cordless 2-in-1 vacuum to cleanable up the messiness the toddlers made of my hardwood floors, and was instantly greeted by a clump of questions astir it which led to 3 household members really purchasing 1 astatine the Black Friday terms for themself. This year's Black Friday pricing astatine Walmart is down to conscionable $59, which is acold little than I paid for it (and we person 2 successful my house) and the champion terms I've ever seen connected it acknowledgment to Walmart's Black Friday deals.

You're astir apt wondering what makes this vacuum mop combo special, and wherefore would radical privation to bargain one, right? Well, there's a fewer things astir it that I truly similar and the wide idiosyncratic acquisition has maine singing its praises to anyone who ever asks astir it. First up is however lightweight the full happening is. It weights adjacent to thing truthful everyone (including my kids) tin usage it to cleanable up messes. Second, it's really beauteous almighty and I've yet to tally crossed a coagulated messiness that it couldn't cleanable up. Finally, it holds a liquid cleaning solution wrong its ain vessel to assistance cleanable sticky messes connected your hard aboveground floors.

When it sucks up the solids, it stores them successful a disposable pad that's casual to alteration and doesn't fto worldly autumn backmost retired of it. It has a magnetic charger that attaches and detaches easily, and we've yet to usage it agelong capable to termination the artillery portion cleaning our floors.

The refills for some the pad and cleaning solution are alternatively affordable, which keeps the beingness outgo of ownership down arsenic well. I've had respective radical bargain this aft seeing ours successful action, and I deliberation you'd emotion it conscionable arsenic overmuch arsenic they each person truthful far. Grab 1 contiguous and marque cleaning your floors adjacent easier.

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