I tried Sony's new cheap ANC headphones, and they're officially a bargain

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Early Verdict

My content truthful acold of the Sony WH-CH720N is that they're an awesome premix of item and features for the price. But don't deliberation they're stealing flagship-level show from the gods – determination are wide limitations compared to Sony's step-up headphones.


  • +

    Great dependable balance

  • +

    Lots of item successful audio

  • +

    Effective sound cancellation

  • +

    Full of utile features


  • -

    A somewhat dense manus connected the sound

  • -

    Noise cancellation leaks successful debased sounds

  • -

    Plastic feels a small cheap

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The caller Sony WH-CH720N noise-cancelling headphones are a nonstop replacement for the erstwhile CH710N model, adding caller features, positive dependable and noise-cancelling upgrades. With a terms of $129 / £99 / AU$259, they're assertive from Sony, bringing a batch of flagship-level features from the best noise-cancelling headphones to little budgets.

But bash they bring flagship-level show too? Well, I mean, evidently not the aforesaid arsenic the Sony WH-1000XM5, which outgo much than 3 times arsenic overmuch – but I've been utilizing my trusty Sony WH-1000XM3 for years now, and they were the flagship backmost successful 2018, and precocious dropped arsenic debased arsenic $180 / £160 successful places wherever they're inactive connected merchantability (they look to beryllium yet connected the out, sadly). 

So I thought there's a accidental that the caller headphones mightiness beryllium capable to lucifer this older model, which would beryllium incredibly breathtaking astatine this price. I took them some retired to play successful the postulation of the city, due to the fact that the sound cancellation is wherever determination tends to beryllium the biggest spread betwixt models astatine antithetic prices.

And the abbreviated reply is: the aged 1000XM3 were a wide measurement supra the Sony WH-CH720N for blocking sound – and it's the aforesaid communicative for dependable quality. The CH720N came retired of it looking bully for the terms still, but it's the other features wherever they truly radiance – they're not the Prometheus of headphones, stealing occurrence from the costly gods, which is benignant of however the fantastic Sony WF-C700N travel across.

The sound cancellation of the CH720N precise efficaciously puts its footwear down connected the large sounds of metropolis traffic, to beryllium clear. I walked on the roadworthy listening to euphony that I could perceive clearly, and I didn't person to crank the measurement large successful bid to marque retired the instruments – astatine lone astir 25% volume, I could perceive happily. So they walk the halfway trial with flying colors.

But lasting astatine 1 intersection and switching betwixt the CH720N and 1000XM3 revealed that the older exemplary was capable to determination into a full higher cogwheel erstwhile it came to blocking the edges of the sound. The clearest illustration was that with the CH720N I could perceive postulation from an adjoining engaged roadworthy astir 200 feet away. With the XM3, that roadworthy ceased to beryllium arsenic acold arsenic my ears were concerned.

Sony WH-CH520N headphones worn by TechRadar Editor Matthew Bolton, adjacent   a road, who has a brace  of Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones astir   his cervix  too

The roads were precise engaged astatine each times different than the infinitesimal I took this photo, I swear. (Image credit: Future)

It seems to my ears that the CN720N are adjacent successful effectiveness to the XM3 for higher-end sounds, but fto successful much astatine the bass end, which means the rumble of that further roadworthy came successful disproportionately intelligibly compared to person sounds that ripple crossed much of the dependable range.

I haven't had a accidental to trial them connected a level yet, which is ever a large situation for noise-cancelling headphones, but I volition soon, truthful I'll person a much implicit representation of their noise-blocking chops for my afloat review. But I fishy the verdict volition beryllium aforesaid arsenic now: precise bully for the price, but if you walk more, you get a existent measurement up.

The dependable prime is simply a akin communicative to the sound cancellation, successful that I've enjoyed listening to the CH720N and they impressment successful a clump of ways, but the 1000XM3 are an evident improvement.

For immoderate reason, the CH720N acceptable themselves to Sony's 'Excited' EQ preset retired of the box, and that made them heavy bass-loaded, which I didn't really hate, but conscionable felt OTT. But aft heading into Sony's fantabulous app and turning disconnected the EQ adjustment, I recovered they're expected to present a beauteous overmuch perfect balance. Bass is lukewarm but level-headed, mid-range is robust and idiosyncratic instruments basal retired successful it well, and treble has plentifulness of clarity to marque the small details pop.

It's besides a reasonably relaxed presumption – adjacent with the ANC on, I didn't find them fatiguing to perceive to astatine each implicit a full day of utilizing them astir non-stop.

Sony WH-CH520N headphones play/pause buttons connected  the underside of an earcup

The WH-CH520N travel successful white, achromatic oregon blue. (Image credit: Future)

But. Switching to the 1000XM3 got maine a dependable that's intelligibly much dynamic. Sounds commencement and halt with other snappiness, there's a greater extent betwixt elements successful dense soundstages, and truthful it's each conscionable much earthy and much refreshing to the ears.

However, the CH720N's bargain presumption isn't solely astir performance. It's astir having enactment for the Sony app and its EQ adjustments, and different dependable mode options – including 360 Reality Audio and DSEE upscaling of mediocre-quality tracks (looking astatine you, still, Spotify).

They person Bluetooth 5.2, truthful could enactment Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast successful the future, if Sony tin transportation itself to enactment the aforesaid next-gen standards arsenic everyone else. They person multi-point pairing for casual switching betwixt devices. They person a USB-C larboard and a 3.5mm jack, with a good-length cablegram successful the box. They committedness 35 hours of battery, though I haven't had a accidental to trial that yet.

All that worldly successful operation with coagulated sound cancellation and bully dependable is wherefore they're officially a bargain. There are compromises, specified arsenic the plasticky consciousness of the decorativeness and buttons, and deficiency of sensors to auto-pause erstwhile you instrumentality them off, but I tin unrecorded with those.

Our afloat reappraisal is connected the way, but if you're looking astatine mid-range noise-cancelling headphones, they should perfectly beryllium connected your list.

Sony WH-CH720N: Price & merchandise date

  • $129 / £99 / AU$259
  • Released successful outpouring 2023

The Sony WH-CH720N are highly competitively priced astatine $129 / £99 / AU$259 – you don't get galore noise-cancelling headphones from large brands astatine that benignant of price, generally. Much similar their earbuds sibling, the Sony WF-C700N, they truly over-deliver connected features successful wide compared to astir different options successful this terms range.

Most of the WH-CH720N's contention is from the likes of Anker Soundcore oregon 1More, though JBL is astir apt the champion known rival – astir notably with the JBL Tune 750BTNC, which costs beauteous overmuch the same.

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