ICON commits $200M to interoperability incentive fund

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The South Korean blockchain hopes to money its interoperability exertion to make caller cross-chain applications.

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ICON commits $200M to interoperability inducement  fund

The ICON Foundation announced plans to motorboat an interoperability inducement programme for 200 cardinal ICX, oregon astir $200 cardinal astatine the clip of publication. The instauration supports the improvement of the ICON network, South Korea’s largest nationalist aggregator chain. The instauration said that it hopes this programme volition incentivize the ICON assemblage and its spouse networks to follow ICON’s Blockchain Transmission Protocol, oregon BTP.

The inducement programme aims to administer up to 200 cardinal ICX tokens implicit a play of 5 years, chiefly funded by the ICX reserve allocation raised during the 2017 token sale. ICON intends to pull improvement teams successful different ecosystems to research BTP’s cross-chain connection opportunities.

The bulk of the proceeds are planned to spell towards processing caller high-quality usage cases for the BTP technology, portion a stock of it volition spell towards incentivizing the semipermanent adoption of BTP wrong existing protocols and communities, according to the company.

BTP integration is presently underway with galore blockchains including Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Kusama, Moonriver, Astar Network, Edgeware, Acala, NEAR and Harmony. 

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ICON claimed that its inducement programme is the archetypal money dedicated wholly to interoperability. Min Kim, the laminitis of the ICON Project, said successful a connection that the extremity is "not to fragment existing improvement communities," but alternatively to make collaboration opportunities betwixt them wrong the layer-two ecosystem.

Scott Smiley, caput of strategy astatine ICON Foundation, told Cointelegraph that information and decentralization are not unsocial successful starring adoption, stating:

“We’re assured that erstwhile users and developers interact with BTP, they’ll admit the worth of a chain-agnostic, scalable and uniquely unafraid protocol. This inducement money volition springiness the marketplace the "nudge" it needs successful bid to commencement the snowball of adoption.”

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ICON precocious launched ICON 2.0, introducing an upgraded halfway blockchain engine, enactment for Java astute contracts, the interoperability exertion BTP and updated tokenomics.

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