Idea Spectrum Realtime Landscaping Pro 2020

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If you’re looking for an casual to usage bundle bundle for your PC, to assistance you plan the plot of your dreams, with a wealthiness of features, and utile functions that volition velocity up your instauration process portion inactive offering you full customisation control, past Idea Spectrum Realtime Landscaping Pro 2020 mightiness beryllium the programme you’ve been looking for.


  • Good interface
  • Responsive operations
  • Useful wizards
  • A wealthiness of flowers, plants and histrion to use


  • Windows only
  • No escaped option

Landscape plan is usually backmost breaking work, involving a spade, and astir apt a wheelbarrow. But wherefore not forgo each of this and commencement your enactment from the comfortableness of your ain computer, by utilizing a programme similar Idea Spectrum Realtime Landscaping Pro 2020.

Let’s instrumentality a look astatine what this bundle has to offer.

Getting started

As its sanction implies, this Windows-only bundle is focused connected helping you make outdoor areas. If you request to plan a room, oregon an full house, you’ll request to look elsewhere. This doesn’t mean you can’t make exteriors of houses. In fact, Realtime Landscaping Pro lets you adhd houses to your design. You conscionable can’t task wrong them.

The interface is precise wide and casual to understand: you person manipulating tools successful a sidebar connected the lefthand side, each your gathering materials are astatine the top, organised successful categories specified arsenic Building, Landscape, Water Features and Utilities, and erstwhile you prime an object, an inspector conception appears connected the close with each the properties you tin alter.

Take the ‘House’ instrumentality for instance, located successful the Building menu. When you prime it, you people its country connected your plan, and erstwhile done, Realtime Landscaping Pro creates the walls and extortion each automatically for you instantly. You’re of people escaped to alteration the material, colour, partition height, extortion pitch, etc, adhd a fewer windows, a doorway present and there, but you’ll person to hold this is simply a immense clip saver.

Perspective View

You person 3 views disposable to you - position lets you spot your plan arsenic if you were successful the mediate of it, portion inactive being capable to edit it afloat (Image credit: Idea Spectrum)


Your instauration enactment takes spot successful aggregate views. You person the modular top-down enactment (selected by default), but oftentimes, particularly erstwhile you enactment with antithetic elevations, a position presumption is amended suited. This allows you to beryllium successful your instauration and tin assistance to find retired wherever immoderate alterations request to beryllium made.


With Walkthrough, you tin spot an unalterable precocious prime render of your scenery which you tin rotation done (Image credit: Idea Spectrum)

A 3rd presumption is called ‘Walkthough’. This is mostly of usage to respect your creation. Everything is rendered successful higher quality, and you research your surroundings utilizing the rodent and keyboard, but you person nary editing capabilities. Should you find thing that needs changing, going retired of Walkthrough takes you backmost to wherever you were earlier you started ‘exploring’, truthful you’ll person to marque your mode backmost to the occupation country successful bid to hole it.

All of these views tin beryllium triggered astatine immoderate clip by clicking connected their respective buttons, little near of the interface.


You person hundreds of plants to take from (Image credit: Idea Spectrum)


You’d expect a scenery programme to person a batch of plants astatine hand, and you’d beryllium right. You person a prime of implicit a 1000 of them (thank deity for a ‘search’ feature). But that’s not all: they person an property mounting (which mostly changes their height), and you besides person the enactment of altering their seasonal look - by default, it’s acceptable to the wide play you’re moving in, but you tin manually alteration that if you consciousness an autumnal look works champion for a peculiar plant, adjacent successful summer.

Speaking of your environment, you person afloat power implicit it via a fistful of ‘Settings’ menus. From there, the entity is changed, adjacent the clip of day, oregon successful which signifier the satellite is in. Changing seasons is simply a fixed too, helping you get the astir of the look you’re after.

As you physique your project, the fig of objects you usage volition increase, but you’ll find that each class has a ‘Currently Used’ conception to assistance you find those items quickly, should you privation to marque usage of much of them elsewhere. But this lone works connected a per-project basis. If you privation to determination implicit items you similar and usage regularly from task to project, that’s wherever the ‘Favourites’ conception comes in. When bundle offers you a wealthiness of options, it’s bully to cognize you tin constrictive that down to assistance you velocity up your work.


There are a bid of Wizards which are determination to assistance you velocity up the plan process (Image credit: Idea Spectrum)


Of course, landscaping an full country from scratch tin instrumentality immoderate time, but conscionable similar with designing a house, Realtime Landscaping Pro is determination to assistance velocity up the process too, with the usage of Wizards. You person a fistful of them, helping you with your Landscape, Decking, oregon adjacent Pond, among others.

The process is precise simple, and erstwhile again, you’re offered a database of templates to take from. Once you’re blessed with your selection, you conscionable resistance it to your perfect determination and, astir of the time, you’re done. You person nevertheless the enactment of afloat customising your chosen template, from its gathering material, to the size of idiosyncratic elements. So it’s some a clip saver to assistance you get started, and a launchpad to further your ain creativity.


You tin spice up the walkthrough presumption we mentioned earlier with the summation of characters, and Realtime Landscaping Pro offers you a fewer to capsicum passim your creation. You don’t person customisation options with them, but to marque your scenery much absorbing you person the quality to animate them.

Character Animation

Need to populate your landscape? Add immoderate people, and adjacent animate them (Image credit: Idea Spectrum)

Some tin beryllium walking, others jogging, a fistful tin beryllium swimming. Set their path, and they’ll execute their acceptable action, reset, and execute it again, advertisement infinitum. Even if they’re sitting, oregon conscionable standing, immoderate parts of them volition determination from clip to time, similar a caput crook for instance. Although you bash person the enactment to spot a preview each of them successful Perspective, and adjacent Top-Down mode, this tin lone beryllium done for 1 quality astatine a time. These virtual Sim-like radical instrumentality connected a beingness of their ain successful the Walkthrough.

We did similar the quality to make a movie of a Walkthrough implicit with soundscape (although it doesn’t grounds your ain travels but is babelike connected a moving camera you acceptable up up of clip - 1 of the galore ‘utilities’ of this software). There’s adjacent the enactment of connecting your Walkthroughs to an Oculus Rift for a genuinely immersive experience.

Final verdict

For $150, Realtime Landscaping Pro offers a wealthiness of features to assistance you make the plot of your dreams. If tin beryllium utilized for amusive oregon arsenic a nonrecreational instrumentality to make what your lawsuit is aft anterior to having picked up a spade. The interface is casual to understand, and enactment with the bundle is fluid, adjacent connected a instrumentality that isn’t the astir caller up-to-date model. The inclusion of characters is fun, but is truly much of a gimmick, particularly since your options determination are rather limited. But overall, this is an fantabulous portion of bundle for anyone who loves oregon needs to plan landscapes virtually.

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