IDG Contributor Network: 3 more little-known secrets about cloud security

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In my last article, I introduced the lesser known parts of cloud security, the ones that no one is talking about. These serve as the key foundation upon which an entire IT operation is built upon, and yet, they are likely to be overlooked. Previously, we shed light on three crucial parts of the security chain protecting the cloud. These were the device, the user, and the network used to connect them to the server. In Part II we’ll talk about the delicate balances between user experience and security, and collaboration and security, as well as the best practices for today’s ITSEC team.

1. A delicate balance between collaboration and security

One of the best advantages of using cloud based services are the collaboration opportunities it provides -- not only between cross-department employees but even across the company and services themselves. For instance, a project can be shared between all parties responsible for and involved in it, from Finance, through Product Development, to Marketing, to external third-party partners such as an ad agency, etc., making it easier than ever to work concurrently and enhance productivity.

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