IDG Contributor Network: Can you hack me now?

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“Can you hear me now?”

With well over 200,000 cell towers up and running in the United States (and counting), the question posed by Verizon in a wildly successful 2011 ad campaign, has been answered in the affirmative for the overwhelming majority of the country. But in the wake of a new, super connected wireless world, some other questions have emerged:

How secure is all that wireless coverage?

What types of attack loopholes, if any, exist?

Are the wireless carriers favoring supreme accessibility too greatly over commonsense security, which is essentially the same oversight made by the Internet’s founding fathers many years ago? That oversight unknowingly paved the way for the current state of today’s networking world, which is wrought with data breaches, device corruption, and system downtime… Let’s not make that same mistake again.

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