IDG Contributor Network: How sharing success can translate infosec into exec

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The simple truth is, security is changing. Whether it’s new data and privacy regulations, a host of new potential vulnerabilities brought on by the Internet of Things, or an enhanced sense of vulnerability at the onset of automated security tools, security experts are learning that the past model for doing business just isn’t going to cut it. In order to effectively protect their organizations’ data, security teams need to be more proactive in sharing their successes and actively collaborating with their peers to help move the entire security industry forward.

Security teams tend to have a difficult time speaking to all of the things they did well. This is for a variety of reasons, but mostly because, when security is done correctly, there’s an assumption that other business teams shouldn’t notice it at all. This shouldn’t be the case. Security teams should be encouraged not just by their own leadership, but also by the executive team, to share successes, as they become a larger enabler of the business. As security grows into a central focus for a business, a big part of that “enablement” role depends upon security teams having a seat at the executive table and helping decide which new technologies offer enough business benefits when weighed against any potential security vulnerabilities.

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