IDG Contributor Network: Insider threats: From McDonald’s Monopoly to today, how to address how little has changed

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One of the first uses of the nascent web in the 1990s was to convey individuals together by way of e mail. Earlier than Facebook, WhatsApp or texting, epic e-mail and USENET threads have been the primary ways of communication. AOL users have been notorious for hitting the “Reply All” button, quoting complete messages, and saying “me too.” With a few of the older e mail shoppers like Pine, this led to very uncomfortable scrolling as you had to scroll previous quite a few ranges of one-line or one-word responses before you got to the precise message, which was buried in a collection of “>” quote symbols.

With the email quotas of school e mail methods in the 1990s, this meant that you would typically fill your quota shortly and typically your folks received the dreaded delivery failure message because your mailbox was full. This was especially true throughout March Madness, when event brackets would swamp e-mail earlier than Yahoo! Sports and started their on-line ones.

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