IDG Contributor Network: Leveraging digital transformation

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With technology more integrated in modern business than ever before, customers now expect 24x7 availability to their needs, which has contributed to an increasingly hyper-competitive landscape among companies in delivering new, convenient services to the marketplace. Digital in particular has increasingly become the foundation for improving business, and while IT disaster recovery (DR) plays a key role in the data protection and availability aspects of digital, it’s not the only piece of the puzzle on the journey to innovating a business’s overall growth.

To harness the power of digital, companies must embrace new practices, solutions and ways of thinking—which could even mean reforming company culture. One term that’s emerged to accomplish this departmental evolution is digital transformation (DX). I spoke with Vic Tingler, Vice President of Digital Transformation at InterVision, about how companies can use DX to empower their business for the future.

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