IDG Contributor Network: Protecting data in an increasingly insecure world

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If data is the life blood of organizations, how are businesses protecting it. Michelle Finneran Dennedy in her book, the Privacy Engineer’s Manifesto, describes five stages of protecting data in the information age:

  1. Firewalls
  2. Nets
  3. Extranets
  4. Access
  5. Intelligence

The question is, where are CIOs in this progression of protecting data? This was a recent topic of discussion at our weekly #CIOChat Twitter chat session.

Should CIOs be focused on creating better fortresses? Or securing data and whom can access it?

There are clearly two distinct views amongst CIOs. Some believe that while the fortress is a past mindset, it is still important. They believe the fortress represents the first line of defense, but restrictions on access rights and usage need to be part of the mix.

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