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Inky is an effectual email information instrumentality for firm use.


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    Blocks phishing threats

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    Prevents information leaks

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    Free proceedings available


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    Difficult to setup

Inky was founded successful 2008 arsenic a level to supply secure email (opens successful caller tab) for enterprises. It started nether a antithetic name, Arcode, earlier rebranding a fewer years later. 

This level incorporates artificial quality to observe and artifact suspicious email activities similar forgery and spear-phishing attempts. It plugs into existing email systems similar Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace to analyse emails and alert users if it detects immoderate anomalies. 

Inky, the company, is based successful Maryland, USA. 

Inky: Plans and pricing

Unlike astir email tools, Inky doesn’t person a modular pricing structure. You person to interaction the company’s income squad and put a customized program depending connected the size of your enterprise. This flexible pricing operation should beryllium a hint that the level is beauteous expensive.  

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Inky: Features

Phishing is the superior origin of information leaks successful enterprises. To the unaware, it refers to criminals impersonating an enactment via email oregon immoderate different means of connection to bargain data. 

To tackle phishing, Inky analyzes immoderate inbound email and signals immoderate suspicious behaviour it detects with interactive banners that usher the users to instrumentality capable actions. It doesn't lone observe phishing attempts but besides turns them into teaching sessions to forestall users from falling unfortunate to a akin effort successful the future.

If you integrate Inky with your email client (opens successful caller tab), each inbound email volition person a grey banner (indicating thing suspicious), a yellowish banner (proceed with caution), oregon a reddish banner (danger). These banners fto you cognize what to click and what not to click to lessen your chances of falling unfortunate to phishing attempts.

If you spot a reddish banner, you'll besides spot a nexus that says "Details". Click this link, and the Inky email adjunct volition amusement you what precisely is incorrect with the flagged email. It's an effectual mode of educating users connected real-world threats successful their email inboxes. 

When you brushwood a flagged inbound email, you tin click the "Report This Email" nexus to fto your company's IT section analyse further. 

One of the astir communal phishing activities involves impersonating a work supplier and a bank’s individuality to nonstop forged invoices and instrumentality companies into paying them. Luckily, Inky has a instrumentality to tackle this problem. It uses earthy connection processing (NLP) algorithms to place emails that are apt forged and draws your attraction to them. 

Outbound emails request extortion arsenic overmuch arsenic inbound ones. Employees nonstop galore emails daily, and they tin intentionally oregon unintentionally see delicate accusation wrong them. To debar this, Inky scans each outgoing email for delicate content. If it detects any, it flags it for support by a chosen head oregon manager.

IT admins tin make customized rules from their Inky dashboard to specify however Outbound Mail Protection volition enactment for their teams. For example, you tin acceptable Inky to emblem an email for support if it detects immoderate suspicious nexus wrong it. You tin besides adhd a mandatory request to encrypt outgoing emails.

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Inky uses a premix of detection tools to place delicate information wrong emails. It cross-references aggregate information points specified arsenic keywords and circumstantial figures and uses signifier matching to observe delicate information, e.g., recognition paper accusation and slope routing numbers. It’s not cleanable and whitethorn occasionally emblem valid emails, but it offers coagulated extortion compared to utilizing an email provider’s default information tool.

Though Inky tries arsenic overmuch arsenic imaginable to observe phishing attempts, it's not perfectly cleanable and neither are humans wrong an organization. Some email accounts whitethorn get compromised successful the extremity but Inky inactive has tools to tackle threats coming from within. 

This level builds behaviour models of email senders wrong your enactment utilizing circumstantial accusation similar the show name, location, instrumentality type, and email client. If an email abruptly doesn't lucifer the exemplary of a sender, Inky tin emblem it arsenic a suspected impersonation effort requiring a manual review.

The accelerated alerts springiness your IT section the accidental to destruct immoderate relationship it deems compromised and forestall a imaginable cyber catastrophe.

A communal vector done which attackers interruption into a firm web is by attaching malicious documents to an email. If the targeted email recipient opens the attachment, they tin unknowingly instal malware susceptible of destroying oregon stealing data.

Inky scans done each email attachment to observe malware (opens successful caller tab) and alert the recipient. The institution claims a 99.7% accuracy for its investigation tool.

You tin encrypt each outgoing emails to support information unafraid wrong your firm network. Inky uses 256-bit encryption to support emails. Just adhd the connection [encrypt] to the taxable enactment of an email and it's bully to go. The recipient volition person an email notification astir the encrypted message, which they tin presumption with Microsoft oregon Google credentials oregon by requesting a “magic link” from the sender.

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Inky: Interface and use

Inky isn’t an email lawsuit of its ain but connects to 3 firm email providers – Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365 (opens successful caller tab), and Google Workspace (opens successful caller tab). But, it has a dashboard that IT admins oregon managers tin usage to customize email settings for employees. According to lawsuit reviews, navigating the dashboard tin beryllium beauteous hard but not overly so.  

Inky: Support

Inky’s authoritative website has a batch of escaped resources that thatch enterprises however to debar email-based attacks. For customers, it offers nonstop telephone enactment 24/7, which is expected fixed the platform’s terms range.  

Inky: The competition

Well-known alternatives to Inky see Darktrace, Cisco Secure Email, and the Proofpoint Email Protection Suite. These 3 platforms connection adjacent much blase features than Inky but tin beryllium much expensive. 

Inky: Final verdict

Cyber attacks are expanding rapidly and it’s compulsory for enterprises to beryllium connected their guard. Inky provides capable tools to guarantee that your endeavor doesn’t get compromised done phishing attempts and each different types of email-based attacks. It does its occupation good but the terms scope is retired of scope for tiny enterprises.  

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