InSight Mobile Data Review: Pros & Cons, Features, Ratings, Pricing and more

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An exceptional fleet absorption and telemetrics solution, that's comparatively affordable and has large lawsuit work and a almighty and intuitive idiosyncratic interface.


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    Real-time tracking

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    Available smartphone apps

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    Geofencing notifications

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    Custom reports

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    Direct telephone enactment available


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    Opaque pricing

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    Higher priced

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There are galore fleet absorption systems available, and picking the champion 1 for your institution is an important step. The institution InSight Mobile Data has repeatedly surfaced connected our hunt for the apical fleet absorption bundle and work providers connected the internet. 

To assistance you determine if InSight Mobile Data is the best fleet absorption software for your company, we analyse aggregate facets of this well-known telemetrics work supplier successful the remaining sections of this review.

InSight Mobile Data: Plans and pricing

InSight Mobile Data, similar the bulk of its rivals successful the fleet tracking industry, doesn't database prices connected their website. Nevertheless, it claims that its adaptable pricing strategies are determined by the services you request arsenic good arsenic the size of your fleet. There is an online portal that asks what benignant of services are needed, and the size of the fleet. 

You volition person to proviso accusation regarding the benignant of conveyance oregon plus you request to track, your industry, and immoderate specialized technologies you necessitate earlier receiving an estimation of the cost. Unfortunately, it does not reason with a price, but alternatively an accidental to supply an email truthful the punctuation tin beryllium sent; we would alternatively spot a much transparent interest schedule.

Software costs tally $14.95 - $32.95 per month, per vehicle. Expect to wage a hardware outgo of $39.95 and up per vehicle. To larn more, you request to get successful interaction with the InSight Mobile Data team, via the telephone fig provided. Also, prices volition alteration based connected the magnitude of the declaration with a prime of 1 oregon 3 years.

InSight Mobile Data fleet management

Reach retired to InSight Mobile Data for accusation astir its StreetEagle solutions (Image credit: InSight Mobile Data)

InSight Mobile Data: How it works

With the assistance of its StreetEagle fleet tracking software, InSight Mobile Data provides a beardown telemetrics solutions. This archetypal measurement is to marque an archetypal prime of plan. 

Once you're acceptable up, you'll summation entree to a precise appealing idiosyncratic dashboard that is packed with utile information. Additionally, determination are iOS and Android apps disposable to marque absorption portion connected the roadworthy adjacent simpler. 

The interactive representation connected the web-based dashboard lets you way the whereabouts and show of immoderate conveyance successful your fleet successful real-time. Receive geofencing notifications whenever they participate oregon permission predetermined zones, presumption their past for customized clip frames, and cheque however agelong they person been stopped astatine circumstantial locations.

Additionally, you tin entree thing from customizable reports to attraction details, conveyance settings, and much via the paper connected the near broadside of the screen. You whitethorn adjacent presumption a grid of presumption accusation that displays each conveyance successful your fleet's position, status, and astir caller update. 

InSight Mobile Data fleet management

The StreetEagle interface is almighty and intuitive (Image credit: InSight Mobile Data)

InSight Mobile Data: Features and services

InSight Mobile Data offers a assortment of services supported by cutting-edge features and potent software, overmuch similar the bulk of high-end fleet tracking work providers. 

The real-time tracking and accelerated presumption cheque instrumentality is intelligibly the ‘Killer app.’ To statesman with, an interactive representation allows you to spot the determination of each conveyance and besides different assets successful your full fleet. 

Additionally, the slick fleet presumption tools support an oculus connected the presumption of each and each vehicle. You tin find accusation astir each vehicle's contiguous presumption (such arsenic stopped, successful transit, parked, and more) arsenic good arsenic details astir however agelong it has been successful that position, and however rapidly it is traveling. 

More than 20 chiseled metrics and enactment types tin beryllium utilized to acceptable and negociate conveyance alarms. Immediate alerts tin beryllium configured for erstwhile a motorist enters oregon exits a geofenced region, erstwhile a conveyance needs maintenance, erstwhile a operator exceeds a acceptable velocity restriction, and a full batch more. 

Finally, you whitethorn physique and entree implicit 100 antithetic sorts of reports based connected antithetic information types utilizing the StreetEagle program. Reports tin beryllium acceptable up to beryllium emailed to you immediately, oregon download them connected request arsenic the needs arise.

InSight Mobile Data fleet management

The StreetEagle level provides almighty real-time conveyance presumption accusation (Image credit: InSight Mobile Data)

InSight Mobile Data: Support

You tin payment from InSight Mobile Data's extended unrecorded enactment successful lawsuit you brushwood issues with the company's products oregon services. There are nary hours of cognition listed, but seemingly it is Monday to Friday 8 AM to 10 PM EST. They are reachable by toll escaped telephone oregon email, and immoderate requests made aft hours volition beryllium noted and attended to arsenic soon arsenic imaginable the pursuing day. 

In addition, determination are galore self-help tools available, to usage erstwhile resolving definite issues. These see a assortment of applicable eBooks, blog posts, and video guides. Even better, you whitethorn registry for a no-cost grooming people that volition locomotion you done the fundamentals of utilizing the StreetEagle program.

InSight Mobile Data fleet management

InSight Mobile Data offers a scope of unrecorded enactment options (Image credit: InSight Mobile Data)

InSight Mobile Data: The competition

Even portion InSight Mobile Data seems to supply high-quality, dependable telemetrics solutions, you mightiness take to spell with different supplier with much unfastened pricing accusation and a proven way record. 

One specified concern is ClearPathGPS, which has received hundreds of online lawsuit reviews and an mean standing of 4.9/5 stars. It offers immoderate of the top fleet tracking services available, and starts astatine a comparatively tenable $20 per car, each month. 

US Fleet Tracking is different fantastic alternate that operates successful much than 150 nations worldwide. Large, planetary businesses should see it due to the fact that it offers immoderate of the astir affordable prices we've ever seen.

InSight Mobile Data: Final verdict

Overall, InSight Mobile Data provides exceptional fleet absorption and telemetrics solutions done its StreetEagle software. Reports suggest that it’s comparatively affordable and has large lawsuit work and a almighty and intuitive idiosyncratic interface. 

In saying that, determination are fewer lawsuit reviews disposable online, which makes it hard to afloat corroborate this company’s reputation. However, the reports we recovered suggest that it’s surely worthy reaching retired to InSight Mobile Data. It is simply a beardown fleet absorption solution supported by cutting-edge software, with fantabulous enactment options.

We've besides listed the champion GPS fleet tracking solutions.

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