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Apple released iOS 16.5 to the wide nationalist connected May 18, astir 2 months aft the tech elephantine released iOS 16.4. The latest iOS update provides immoderate important bug fixes and information patches, brings a fewer caller features to Apple News, and serves up immoderate caller wallpapers. 

However, some people person said the update drains their iPhone's artillery faster than usual. Apple antecedently said this isn't unusual aft an iOS update, and iPhones whitethorn request 48 hours to set to caller features wrong an update. So if your artillery does drain accelerated aft this update, that should spell distant soon.

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To download the latest iPhone update, spell to Settings > General > Software Update and travel the onscreen prompts. 

Below, you'll find the caller iPhone features you get with iOS 16.5. You tin besides cheque retired the important information patches and bug fixes included successful the update.

Pride Celebration wallpapers

New Pride wallpaper section

New Pride Celebration wallpapers nether the caller Pride wallpaper section.

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Apple added 2 caller preloaded Pride Celebration wallpapers to a caller Pride wallpaper section. That conception is "designed with the colors of the Pride emblem to observe the LGBTQ+ community," its statement reads.

You tin entree the caller conception by tapping Settings > Wallpaper > +Add New Wallpaper.

Apple News gets immoderate sports upgrades

The Apple News app launched successful 2015, and iOS 16.5 brings a Sports tab to the app for the archetypal time. The tab tin beryllium recovered successful the toolbar crossed the bottommost of your surface erstwhile you unfastened the app. Before, the toolbar displayed tabs for Today, News Plus, Audio, Following and Search. The update gets escaped of the Search tab to marque country for the Sports tab.

With iOS 16.5, the My Sports scores and docket cards successful Apple News besides get an update. Now erstwhile you pat the 3 dots (...) successful the bottommost close country of 1 of these cards, you'll spot an enactment for Go to Game. Tapping this enactment volition bring up much details astir that game.

Here are the merchandise notes for iOS 16.5.

This update includes the pursuing enhancements and bug fixes:

• A caller Pride Celebration wallpaper for the Lock Screen to grant the LGBTQ+ assemblage and culture.

• Sports tab successful Apple News gives casual entree to stories, scores, standings, and more, for the teams and leagues you follow.

• My Sports people and docket cards successful Apple News instrumentality you straight to crippled pages wherever you tin find further details astir circumstantial games.

• Fixes an contented wherever Spotlight whitethorn go unresponsive.

• Addresses an contented wherever Podcasts successful CarPlay whitethorn not load content.

• Fixes an contented wherever Screen Time settings whitethorn reset oregon not sync crossed each devices.

Some features whitethorn not beryllium disposable for each regions oregon connected each Apple devices. For accusation connected the information contented of Apple bundle updates, delight sojourn this website:

For more, cheque retired why you should download iOS 16.5 now and how iOS 17 mightiness crook your iPhone into a astute home-esque display. And if you privation to effort caller iOS features earlier different folks, here's how to go an Apple beta tester.


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