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You cognize that small vibration you consciousness underneath your digit erstwhile you delete an app from your location surface oregon crook connected the flashlight from your fastener screen? That's haptic feedback, and you tin present usage that diagnostic connected your keyboard to heighten typing connected the iPhone.

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In lieu of those annoying clacking sounds you're astir apt utilized to, haptic feedback provides a soundless mode to get a much immersive acquisition erstwhile utilizing an iPhone. If you're a instrumentality of the feature, you'll beryllium blessed to larn that, with the release of iOS 16, haptic feedback integration has dispersed to immoderate different aspects of your iPhone.

Thanks to iOS 16, you tin present get haptic feedback erstwhile utilizing your iPhone's built-in keyboard. Whether you're sending a substance connection oregon drafting an email, each clip you deed a cardinal you'll consciousness a flimsy but satisfying vibration, giving the virtual keyboard a spot much of a carnal feel.

However, you indispensable manually alteration the haptic feedback diagnostic for your keyboard connected iOS 16 for this to work. Here's what you request to know.

If you haven't yet updated to iOS 16, cheque retired how to download and instal iOS 16 close now, seven hidden features we weren't expecting and each the caller features you tin look guardant to using, similar unsending substance messages and removing people, pets oregon objects from your photos.

How to alteration haptic feedback to your iPhone keyboard

Before you spell done these steps, marque definite that your iPhone is updated to iOS 16. You should cheque retired a list of compatible iPhone models and how to spell done the installation process.

To alteration your keyboard's haptic feedback:

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Go to Sounds & Haptics.

3. Tap connected Keyboard Feedback.

4. Toggle connected Haptic.

Haptic feedback mounting  for keyboard connected  iOS 16

Toggle this connected and you'll consciousness a flimsy vibration each clip you pat a key.

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As soon arsenic haptic feedback is enabled, you'll consciousness a flimsy pulse whenever you pat your keyboard, whether you're hitting space, entering a quality oregon deleting something. Haptic feedback volition tally careless of whether your telephone is successful soundless mode oregon not.

It's worthy noting that Apple added a enactment to its support leafage for haptic feedback that says, "Turning connected keyboard haptics mightiness impact the artillery beingness of your iPhone." 

There is nary further explanation, similar however overmuch artillery the diagnostic whitethorn really consume, but it seems to beryllium a important capable contented that Apple needed to see a connection astir it. If you're disquieted astir artillery life, you whitethorn privation to support haptic feedback connected the keyboard turned off, particularly since going into Low Power Mode does not disable it.

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