iOS 16’s editable iMessages may not play nice with older iPhones

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The quality to edit and unsend messages was 1 of the flagship features of iOS 16 announced earlier this month, but the functionality whitethorn not enactment good if you’re messaging anyone who’s not utilizing the latest mentation of Apple’s software. The latest iOS developer beta 16 includes a messy workaround to let recently editable iMessages to beryllium received connected iPhones without iOS 16, 9to5Mac reports. It could beryllium annoying for anyone successful an iMessage radical chat utilizing an older iPhone oregon Android.

Rather than simply seeing the edited mentation of a message, if idiosyncratic moving iOS 16’s 2nd beta tries to edit an iMessage sent to a instrumentality with an older mentation of the software, past the second volition person the edit arsenic a second text, preceded by the words “Edited to. Previous developer betas of iOS 16 wouldn’t nonstop thing astatine each erstwhile trying to edit a connection sent to a non-iOS 16 device. But the caller attack looks beauteous messy for the recipient, who’ll spot aggregate messages. 9to5Mac reports that Apple’s bundle is incapable to automatically delete the archetypal connection aft an edited mentation is sent.

For astir iPhone owners, the contented is improbable to persist for agelong fixed that iOS 16 volition beryllium disposable for devices going backmost to 2017’s iPhone 8, not to notation the information that Apple is precise speedy astatine getting caller versions of its bundle rolled out. But it could inactive beryllium annoying for Android users successful iMessage radical chats, oregon anyone inactive utilizing a pre-2017 iPhone. That said, determination could beryllium advantages to being capable to presumption an unedited message.

It’s a akin messiness to however emoji reactions (aka “tapbacks”) person historically been handled erstwhile sent betwixt iOS and Android. But present a solution has gradually emerged to the problem, with Google updating its messaging app to correctly parse tapbacks sent from iOS, and Apple planning a akin update with iOS 16. Here’s hoping a akin solution yet emerges for editable iMessages.

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