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iOS 17, Apple's latest bundle update for the iPhone, is retired today, and you tin expect caller features similar StandBy, which turns your telephone into a astute display, and Contact Posters -- bringing full-screen visuals to your contacts and your telephone screen.

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Most of the biggest features are acceptable to usage arsenic soon arsenic you download and instal iOS 17 connected your supported iPhone. However, determination are immoderate features that are disabled by default, and truthful it's your occupation to spell into your settings and crook them on. To genuinely unlock the afloat imaginable of iOS 17, these are the settings you request to crook connected arsenic soon arsenic you download iOS 17.

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Turn connected Face ID for Private Browsing successful Safari

Safari has added respective caller privateness settings connected iOS 17: You tin present take a antithetic hunt motor (like DuckDuckGo) erstwhile privately browsing, automatically portion each tracking accusation from URLs, and securely stock passwords with friends and family. And you tin adjacent fastener your backstage browsing tabs successful Safari -- but you'll request to toggle this mounting connected earlier you tin usage it.

In Settings, spell to Safari and toggle connected Require Face ID to Unlock Private Browsing. That's each you request to do! If you privation to trial retired the feature, unfastened the Safari web browser and marque your mode to Private Browsing. If you effort to browse privately, you'll beryllium asked to usage Face ID to entree your backstage tabs.

Face ID diagnostic   successful  Safari

If Face ID doesn't work, pat Unlock to participate your passcode.

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Automatically delete your verification codes

We've talked astir this iOS 17 diagnostic extensively present astatine CNET, and for bully reason. It's a precise utile diagnostic that cleans up the clutter of verification codes successful your substance messages, and it's somewhat hidden successful your settings. And ohio yeah, it's not enabled by default, truthful it's up to you to crook it on.

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In the Settings app, spell to Passwords > Password Options and toggle on Clean Up Automatically. Now, erstwhile you person authentication notifications successful Messages (or adjacent successful Mail), they'll beryllium automatically deleted from their respective applications -- arsenic agelong arsenic you usage the verification codification with the autofill diagnostic astatine the apical of your keyboard. If you don't usage the autofill feature, the verification codification volition enactment successful your messages oregon emails.

Verification codification  settings successful  iOS 17

The substance connection oregon email volition vanish soon aft you usage autofill.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Enable the level successful your camera

If you privation to instrumentality amended photos, oregon astatine slightest straighter photos, the autochthonal Camera exertion connected your iPhone has a new, somewhat hidden diagnostic that adds a virtual horizontal level arsenic you drawback a photo. You'll cognize the changeable is level with the crushed erstwhile it turns yellowish and you consciousness the haptic feedback.

This diagnostic is erstwhile again, not enabled by default, truthful spell to Settings > Camera and toggle connected Level nether the Composition section. Now erstwhile you instrumentality a photo, you should spot a breached consecutive enactment successful the mediate of your surface -- this is the level. Adjust your telephone to marque it yellow, signifying that it's present level to the ground.

Level diagnostic   successful  the camera connected  iOS 17

The level lives successful the mediate of your camera.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

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