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iOS 17 has arrived. The update brings breathtaking caller features to compatible iPhones, similar the quality to create your ain interaction poster, the brand-new StandBy mode, the Journal app and more

One of these features is the quality to automatically delete each those two-factor authentication codes that upwind up successful your iMessage oregon Mail inboxes. 

Two-factor authentication is an casual mode to support your accusation safer. By having a work nonstop a elemental codification to your instrumentality erstwhile logging successful to your account, you tin marque it harder for your accusation to beryllium stolen. But it tin get a small messy erstwhile your messages app gets clogged up with each those two-factor authentication codes that get sent straight to your phone. 

With this caller feature, each you'll request to bash is toggle 1 setting, and past the two-factor authentication codes volition beryllium deleted from your account, freeing up your inboxes.

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How tin I automatically delete two-factor authentication codes?

On iOS 17, if you privation to crook connected the enactment to automatically delete your two-factor authentication codes, you'll archetypal request to spell into your Settings connected your phone. After you've opened your settings, navigate to the Passwords tab. Then pat Passwords. (You whitethorn request to unlock your phone.) Now pat Password Options scroll down to the Verification Codes section and alteration Clean Up Automatically

After you crook that one, you should beryllium set. And don't worry: This won't automatically delete immoderate unused authentication codes -- it only deletes codes that you've already used. This besides works successful the Mail app, truthful each of your inboxes volition beryllium squeaky clean. 

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