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The newest mentation of Apple's mobile operating strategy -- iOS 17 -- is present rolling retired to compatible iPhones astir the world. This latest large update includes caller Standby Mode, contact posters and a bevy of tweaks and new features to amended your iPhone experience. But to effort retired immoderate of the caller features successful iOS 17, you'll archetypal request to instal it connected your iPhone.

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Your iPhone volition grip overmuch of the iOS 17 update process by itself, but you tin bash a fewer things to prepare earlier installing the latest mentation of iOS. Read connected for a step-by-step usher to putting the caller iOS 17 connected your iPhone.

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Before starting to instal iOS 17, find retired if your iPhone is compatible

Not each iPhone volition person the caller iOS 17 update. You'll request an iPhone exemplary that is astatine slightest arsenic caller arsenic the iPhone XR oregon XS, which were released successful 2018.

Along with the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max, the iPhone 11, iPhone SE (second procreation and up), iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 volition each enactment iOS 17. The new iPhone 15 -- presently available for preorder and successful stores connected Sept. 22 -- volition travel with iOS 17 preinstalled.

Apple iPhone 15

The caller iPhone 15 volition travel with iOS 17 already installed.

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Next, earlier installing iOS 17, backmost up your iPhone

Diving into each the caller features of iOS 17 tin beryllium exciting, but you'll privation to instrumentality a fewer basal precautions earlier updating to the caller operating system. To guarantee that each of your idiosyncratic and telephone information stays secure, you should back up your iPhone earlier you update. That volition besides springiness you the enactment to reverting to iOS 16 if you find that iOS 17 isn't close for you.

With default settings enabled, your iPhone volition backmost up your information regularly during slumber hours, if it's connected to powerfulness and Wi-Fi. However, if the automatic backup diagnostic is disabled, you tin spell to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup and past deed Back Up Now to manually backmost up your device.

Two screensho

If you don't person iCloud Backup acceptable automatically, beryllium definite to backmost up your iPhone manually.

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You tin besides backmost up your iPhone utilizing Finder connected a Mac computer. Connect your iPhone to your computer, unfastened Finder, prime your instrumentality and past make a backup. Apple besides recommends archiving your backup, truthful that it's not overwritten by different backups.

After backing up your iPhone, bash these 3 things earlier installing iOS 17

To marque the download and installation process spell arsenic smoothly arsenic possible, it helps to instrumentality a fewer steps to prepare:

  • Make definite your iPhone is connected to power. You won't beryllium capable to download iOS 17 if you're nether 50% battery, truthful it's safest to plug successful your telephone portion you update. Even if you're plugged in, the artillery needs to beryllium implicit 20% to instal iOS 17.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi. You won't beryllium capable to download iOS 17 utilizing your mobile data, truthful link to a unchangeable Wi-Fi web earlier starting the installation.
  • Clear up capable retention space. The iOS 17 record size volition beryllium respective gigabytes, and if you're moving retired of storage, you'll request to wide immoderate country earlier you tin download and instal iOS 17. Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage to delete ample files and apps.

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How to download and instal iOS 17

Once you've completed each of the preparations, you'll beryllium acceptable to download and instal iOS 17. Open your iPhone and spell to Settings > General > Software Update. Wait a fewer seconds (or minutes) for the update to look and then hit Install Now for iOS 17 (or Install Tonight if you privation to instal iOS 17 later).

two screenshots of iPhone settings showing however  to get   iOS 17 via bundle   update

When iOS 17 becomes disposable to you, it volition amusement up successful your iPhone settings. 

Screenshots by Nelson Aguilar/CNET

If you spot the download and instal enactment for iOS 16.6 instead, deed the Upgrade to iOS 17 fastener astatine the bottommost of the leafage and past deed Download and Install for iOS 17. Enter your passcode to statesman the process of updating.

After you've begun the update process you should spot a loading bar, on with an estimation of however agelong the download process volition take. Once the download is complete, restart your iPhone and hold for iOS 17 to install. When your iPhone boots up, travel immoderate prompts and you should past spot iOS 17 downloaded connected your device.

For much connected the caller iPhone OS, here's a look astatine each the best caller features successful iOS 17, arsenic good arsenic immoderate of the secret features of iOS 17 you mightiness not cognize astir yet.

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