iPhone SE 3 (2022) problems and how to fix them

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If you’re looking for an affordable introduction to the Apple ecosystem, the iPhone SE is your champion bet. In its 3rd generation, the iPhone SE (2022) keeps everything that makes the bid large — flagship processing, the latest software, a compact size, and a comparatively inexpensive terms point. However, similar immoderate smartphone, the telephone isn’t cleanable and has its just stock of bugs and glitches. We volition look astatine immoderate communal iPhone SE 3 (2022) problems and however to hole them.

Our verdict: iPhone SE 3 (2022) review

Problem #1: Random shutdowns oregon reboots

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Ryan Haines / Android Authority

One of the astir communal problems iPhone SE 3 (2022) owners look is the telephone randomly shutting down oregon rebooting.

Potential solutions

  • Some users accidental that a mill reset helps hole the problem, astatine slightest for a while. Make definite you backmost up immoderate captious files and information due to the fact that this measurement volition erase everything. Go to Settings–>General–>Transfer oregon reset iPhone and pat Erase everything.
  • Setting up the instrumentality arsenic caller by going into betterment mode works better. You tin find the instructions connected however to bash truthful below.
  • This occupation seems to beryllium much prevalent since the update to iOS 15.4.1, but a fewer users person besides had this contented with iOS 15.4. Since there’s nary due workaround, the lone enactment is to hold for different bundle update to hole the problem. Make definite that you study the occupation to Apple via the feedback form.

Problem #2: Phone not ringing erstwhile receiving calls

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Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Some users person reported that their iPhone doesn’t ringing erstwhile receiving a call.

Potential solutions

  • Make definite that you haven’t accidentally silenced the phone. Check the soundless mode power connected the phone’s near broadside supra the measurement rocker. It’s a tiny toggle that you could person flipped without realizing.
  • Check that the absorption mode isn’t enabled. All calls, messages, and notifications are automatically silenced erstwhile the mode is activated. Swipe up from the bottommost of the surface to unfastened the Control Center and pat the absorption icon to crook it disconnected if it’s enabled.
  • If you connected your telephone to a Bluetooth device, it could beryllium a bundle glitch wherever the telephone inactive thinks the devices are connected. Open the Control Center, disable Bluetooth, and cheque if the contented goes away. You tin alteration Bluetooth again after.
  • Go to Settings–>Phone and cheque if Silence chartless callers is on. If it is, toggle it disconnected to disable this feature.
  • Go to Settings–>Sounds and haptics. Make definite that the ringer measurement is acceptable to maximum. You tin besides alteration the ringtone to thing louder.
  • The iPhone SE (2022) is IP67 rated, truthful it is resistant to h2o and dust. However, if your telephone took a dunk, determination mightiness beryllium immoderate clogging. Wait for the telephone to adust wholly and spot if the occupation goes away.
  • In utmost cases, it mightiness beryllium a hardware problem. Set up an appointment astatine your Apple store. They volition tally diagnostics and spot if it’s a hardware oregon bundle issue.

Problem #3: Apps not working/phone freezing

iphone se interaction   id

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Some iPhone SE 3 (2022) users find that the apps connected their phones aren’t loading oregon get stuck.

Potential solutions

  • If an app isn’t loading, cheque whether it’s an contented connected conscionable your telephone oregon for everyone. Look astatine Apple’s System Status to spot if it’s a broader issue. For non-Apple apps, cheque Down Detector.
  • If it’s conscionable your phone, determination mightiness person been an contented mounting up your caller telephone from a backup. It’s champion to delete the problematic app and re-install it from the App Store.
  • If you can’t download an app oregon it’s taking a agelong time, long-press connected the app icon connected the Home surface and pat Prioritize download.
  • Some users accidental that restarting the telephone does the trick. In utmost cases, you mightiness request to mill reset the telephone and acceptable up the instrumentality manually (don’t load apps from a backup).
  • If an app causes the telephone to freeze, you volition person to bash a brushed reset. Press the measurement up button, property the measurement down button, and past property and clasp the powerfulness fastener until the telephone restarts and you spot the Apple logo.

Problem #4: The telephone automatically switched to Dark Mode

iPhone SE 2022 reappraisal  2nd  sentiment  successful  manus  with show  on

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

A fewer users randomly spot Dark Mode activated connected their phones adjacent though the taxable hasn’t been changed successful the settings menu.

Potential solutions

  • Go to Settings–>Accessibility–>Display and substance size and disable each the options (except for auto-brightness if you privation to support it activated). If Appearance says Light, adjacent though the telephone is successful acheronian mode, toggle the quality to Dark anyway. Then restart the phone, spell backmost into the settings and acceptable it to Light again.

Problem #5: “Update required to usage cellular data” error

iPhone SE receptor  portion   and selfie camera

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Some iPhone SE 3 (2022) owners person problems connecting to mobile information and spot this mistake connected the settings page.

Potential solutions

  • If the phone’s mobile information settings aren’t automatically updated, you volition person to bash truthful manually. Go to Settings–>General–>About–>Carrier and travel the instructions to update the bearer settings.
  • You tin besides effort resetting the web settings (this volition reset Wi-Fi settings). Go to Settings–>General–>Transfer oregon reset iPhone and pat on Reset web settings.

Problems #6: Apple CarPlay issues

google maps carplay

Users look a occupation getting their phones to link with Apple CarPlay properly. It’s either not connecting, oregon the surface is blank, adjacent though Siri is responding.

Potential solutions

  • There’s nary workaround for this problem, truthful you mightiness person to hold for a bundle update. You tin effort immoderate modular troubleshooting to spot if that helps.
  • If you’re having problems with a wired connection, effort a antithetic USB cable. For wireless connections, guarantee that some Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled by going to Settings–>Wi-Fi and settings–>Bluetooth.
  • Ensure that Siri is on.
  • Go to Settings–>Screen time–>Content and privateness restrictions–>Allowed apps and marque definite that CarPlay is activated.
  • Go to Settings–>About–>CarPlay and pat Forget this car (if it’s a antecedently established connection). Then spell done the CarPlay setup process from scratch.

Most iPhone SE 3 (2022) problems necessitate a bundle update

iphone se pattern

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

iPhone problems don’t person a batch of workarounds and usually trust connected modular troubleshooting oregon bundle updates. Apple’s bundle updates thin to bring a batch of bug fixes, truthful marque definite that you update to the latest bundle mentation erstwhile available. You tin cheque the iOS Updates page to spot the bugs that the caller updates fix. Don’t hide to pass Apple astir immoderate bugs and glitches you brushwood utilizing the feedback form.

How to mill reset iPhone SE (2022)

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Ryan Haines / Android Authority

  • If the telephone is on:
    • Go to Settings–>General–>Transfer oregon reset iPhone and pat Erase everything.
  • If the telephone is off:
    • Plug the telephone into a computer. If you’re utilizing macOS Catalina oregon newer, unfastened Finder. For older Macs oregon Windows, open iTunes.
    • Press the measurement up fastener and measurement down button. Press and clasp the powerfulness fastener until the betterment mode surface appears. Keep the powerfulness fastener pressed adjacent aft the Apple logo appears to get it to betterment mode.
    • Find the telephone connected your machine (Finder oregon iTunes) and pat Restore.

What iPhone SE 3 (2022) problems person you encountered? Be definite to fto america cognize successful the comments below. We’ll bash our champion to help.

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