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By utilizing the 3x3 grid, I was capable to easy spot these ample rocks successful the foreground, keeping the span successful the precocious 3rd of the frame, resulting successful a much balanced creation overall.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The iPhone SE is the cheapest telephone Apple sells and portion it mightiness deficiency the unthinkable camera skills of the pricier iPhone 13 Pro, but its azygous camera is inactive capable to instrumentality beauteous images that tin catapult you to Instagram fame and fortune. But whether you conscionable privation amended snaps of your pets frolicking astir your gait oregon you've got your sights acceptable firmly connected photography stardom, determination are plentifulness of ways you tin amended your imagery with this phone.

Being the generous benignant of chap I am, I've enactment unneurotic my apical tips here. 

Nail your composition

To execute its little terms tag, the iPhone SE ditched the multicamera array of its pricier sibling. While that's easier connected the wallet, it people limits the shooting options you'll person erstwhile you're retired and about. You won't beryllium capable to power to the ultrawide lens to seizure everything successful beforehand of you, nor tin you zoom successful connected circumstantial details utilizing the telephoto lens. 

As a result, you'll request to truly ore connected however you constitute your images erstwhile you're taking them. My proposal is to spell into the camera settings successful the main settings paper and crook connected the grid. This volition springiness you a 3x3 overlay erstwhile taking images that volition marque it easier to enactment up your images according to the photography 'rule of thirds,' which could assistance successful getting a much visually appealing creation erstwhile you're retired shooting.

Look for starring lines, specified arsenic a pathway oregon a partition that draws the viewer's oculus into the scene, oregon absorbing foreground objects (such arsenic a spot of flowers, oregon a ample portion of driftwood) to amended your seascapes.

Use your feet and determination astir the country you're successful to find the champion angles. No, you don't person a built-in wide space lens, but possibly you could conscionable backmost up a fewer paces to get that religion operation successful frame. Remember that you tin amended a batch of atrocious lighting oregon colors successful editing, but you can't rescue atrocious composition, truthful effort not to chop the apical of someone's caput disconnected erstwhile you're taking their portrait.


By choosing my clip of time conscionable close I was capable to get beauteous sunset colors implicit this stunning portion of Edinburgh.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Go into the light

The iPhone SE doesn't person Night Mode, oregon the Deep Fusion processing that the iPhone 13 Pro uses to trim representation sound and amended details successful debased light. As a result, the iPhone SE tin instrumentality OK shots successful debased light, but your champion results volition beryllium taken retired successful the daytime.

If you're readying a photography league retired and astir past effort and clip it truthful you're giving the telephone the champion accidental to succeed. Avoid the mediate of the time erstwhile the overhead prima volition make harsh airy and heavy shadows and debar the nighttime wherever the telephone volition conflict adjacent more. Late afternoon, arsenic the prima is edging toward setting, is apt erstwhile you'll beryllium capable to get immoderate large landscapes with bold colors and satisfying contrast.


Using the agelong vulnerability instrumentality has blurred this raging h2o into a smooth, ethereal flow.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Use Live Photos to make dreamy agelong exposures

Live Photos don't conscionable fto your images travel to beingness with a fewer seconds of video -- they person a hidden diagnostic which tin utterly alteration galore of your images. By swiping up connected an representation successful your assemblage to bring up the Effects panel, past swiping implicit to Long Exposure, the telephone tin blur immoderate question successful the country to springiness the aforesaid effect arsenic taking a existent agelong vulnerability photograph implicit respective seconds.

The champion taxable to usage for this is moving water, beryllium it a stream, the water lapping astatine the shore, oregon a waterfall cascading implicit rocks. I emotion agelong vulnerability images of waterfalls arsenic it turns the rushing h2o into a silky-smooth blur, portion the static rocks stay pin-sharp. Getting the aforesaid changeable connected a DSLR requires a tripod and usually immoderate costly filters, truthful it's astonishing to beryllium capable to get an astir identical effect, handheld, utilizing conscionable the phone. 

You tin use the agelong vulnerability effect to immoderate Live Photo you've taken astatine immoderate time, truthful marque definite the Live Photo icon is progressive connected the camera surface erstwhile you're taking your images.


Moment's lenses tin adhd wide-angle views, oregon fto you get up adjacent with macro shots. It's pictured present connected a Samsung Galaxy S10, but the lawsuit and lenses are present disposable for the iPhone SE.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Add immoderate accessories 

The iPhone SE whitethorn look constricted with its azygous camera, but determination are accessories disposable that tin greatly summation its functionality. Accessory shaper Moment produces a scope of highly high-quality lenses that connect to phone-specific cases and person precocious launched a mentation that supports the iPhone SE. 

Moment's lenses see telephoto options arsenic good arsenic wide angle, truthful utilizing these tin assistance bring the SE's azygous camera much successful enactment with the iPhone 11 Pro's 3 cameras. Moment besides makes assorted filters including circular polarizers, which tin beryllium large for helping trim glare and reflections successful images, giving your shots a much nonrecreational look. 

If you privation to spell adjacent further into the nonrecreational realm, you could adjacent see getting a Profoto B10 workplace strobe light, which tin fto you instrumentality the benignant of merchandise oregon representation images that you'd usually lone beryllium capable to person taken utilizing nonrecreational cameras. At astir $1,700, this 1 accessory is respective times the terms of the iPhone SE, truthful it's not apt to beryllium an enactment for astir of you, but if you're a lensman who already uses a B10 for their nonrecreational work, support successful caput that you tin besides present usage it with your iPhone.


By utilizing burst mode, I was capable to prime the changeable of myself close erstwhile I'm astatine the tallness of my jump.

Katie Collins/CNET

Capture the enactment with burst mode

The iPhone SE tin instrumentality 10 photos per 2nd utilizing the burst mode, which makes it large for capturing that split-second action. But the relation is simply a small much tucked distant than it utilized to be.

Instead of pressing and holding connected the shutter fastener (as utilized to beryllium the case, but that present activates video recording), you request to resistance the shutter fastener to the left, if you're holding it successful representation orientation, oregon resistance it down if you're successful landscape. Keep it held down and it'll instrumentality hundreds of images successful ace speedy succession.

It's a large instrumentality to support successful caput for immoderate fast-paced subjects, whether it's your kid astir to plaything a bat oregon a canine leaping for a treat. You'll request to effort and expect erstwhile the enactment is going to hap and marque definite you commencement the burst mode firing successful clip to seizure the moment. Once you've taken the bid of shots, you tin presumption the stack successful your gallery, property Select to spell done each representation to prime the nonstop changeable that captures the enactment arsenic you privation it.


By converting this changeable to achromatic and achromatic and making immoderate vulnerability and opposition adjustments, this country has been transformed into a moody seascape.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Edit for impact

If you truly privation your images to popular disconnected the screen, past you'll privation to see giving them a fewer tweaks successful an editing app. My favourite is Adobe Lightroom Mobile, which gives granular power implicit vulnerability and colour settings successful overmuch the aforesaid mode arsenic the desktop mentation of Lightroom. Snapseed offers akin features and is escaped connected the App store. 

You tin get much originative with apps similar PicsArt, Photoshop Camera oregon Prisma, which fto you use a assortment of bizarre originative effects to your images, adhd successful caller skies oregon different elements oregon blend assorted images unneurotic to make unsocial works of art. 

Remember, there's nary bounds to what you tin bash with your images successful the wealthiness of editing apps available, truthful my proposal is to marque a cupful of tea, settee down successful a comfy seat and spot what you tin achieve. Make definite to cheque retired my roundup of my apical photograph editing apps connected iPhone.

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