Iran Blocks 9,200 Bank Accounts Over Suspicious Foreign Currency, Crypto Transactions

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Iran Blocks 9,200 Bank Accounts Over Suspicious Foreign Currency, Crypto Transactions

Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence has reportedly blocked astir 10,000 slope accounts implicit suspicious overseas currency and cryptocurrency transactions. The enactment was carried retired successful collaboration with the country’s cardinal bank.

9,219 Bank Accounts Blocked

Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence issued a connection Saturday stating that it has blocked a fig of slope accounts owed to suspicious overseas currency and cryptocurrency transactions, section media reported. The ministry detailed:

A full of 9,219 slope accounts belonging to 545 individuals were blocked.

The connection adds that the full transaction worth blocked was implicit 60 trillion Iranian tomans, which is astir $2 cardinal based connected the regular dollar speech complaint successful the Iranian unfastened market. Iran’s currency precocious deed a four-month debased against the U.S. dollar.

However, the ministry did not supply immoderate details connected the accounts oregon however overmuch of the turnover was successful integer currency.

The Ministry of Intelligence’s enactment was carried retired by the bid of a justice and successful collaboration with the country’s cardinal bank. It was portion of the Iranian government’s caller program to combat amerciable and unauthorized overseas currency and cryptocurrency transactions. In December past year, the ministry announced that it froze slope accounts of much than 700 “illegal” overseas speech traders successful the country.

Meanwhile, Iran is besides cracking down connected unauthorized cryptocurrency mining. The authorities person unopen down astir 7,000 unauthorized mining facilities successful the past 2 years. The Iranian authorities has besides drafted caller rules to increase penalties for amerciable cryptocurrency mining, including further fines and imprisonment.

What bash you deliberation astir Iran blocking slope accounts implicit suspicious crypto transactions? Let america cognize successful the comments conception below.

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