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Selfies tin beryllium a tricky business. Your telephone camera ne'er seems to rather seizure what you spot successful the reflector -- which tin beryllium a spot discouraging. Don't worry, it's not you, it's your iPhone camera settings. 

iOS 15 introduced a fig of caller photograph and video features like ProRes for iPhone 13 Pro  and an upgraded mentation of QuickTake, but the cardinal to taking a amended selfie has really been astir since iOS 14. Mirror Front Photos is simply a tiny feature, but it makes a large difference.

Here's what you request to cognize astir Mirror Front Photos and however you tin usage it to up your selfie game. 

What does Mirror Front Photos do? 

You whitethorn person already travel crossed this mounting successful your camera settings and wondered what it was. When you crook it connected and alteration to your front-facing camera, it volition drawback a photograph that's your reflector image, alternatively of flipping it arsenic the camera usually does. Some radical find the flipping jarring due to the fact that the photograph you instrumentality doesn't lucifer the representation you spot successful the viewfinder. 

Ultimately, it whitethorn not alteration your selfie much, but I similar the much acquainted reversed mentation of my look that I spot successful the mirror. Just support successful caput that different radical -- who chiefly don't spot your look successful a reflector -- mightiness find those selfies a small unusual due to the fact that it's a flipped mentation of what they're utilized to seeing.

How to usage the Mirror Front Photos diagnostic connected your iPhone

With iOS 14 (or 15) installed, the Mirror Front Photos mounting is disabled by default. Here's however to crook it on:

1. Open Settings connected your iPhone
2. Choose Camera from the database of options
3. Toggle connected Mirror Front Camera nether the Composition section.

Head backmost to your camera app, crook the camera to look yourself and drawback a selfie. The saved representation volition look arsenic you spot yourself successful the mirror, alternatively of flipped arsenic it usually is. Note that your beforehand camera automatically mirrors the beforehand camera viewfinder, truthful this mounting lone affects the representation that's saved to your photograph library.

Here, you tin spot the side-by-side examination of a regular selfie and 1 taken with Mirror Front Photos turned on. 

Two phones showing a man's selfie regular   and mirrored

iOS 14 and 15 springiness you the prime of mirroring your selfies (right) oregon keeping them inverted (left).

Patrick Holland/CNET

You tin travel the aforesaid instructions to crook Mirror Front Photos disconnected and spell backmost to the default selfie setting.

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