It’s time for the philanthropic sector to embrace digital currencies

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The magnitude of cryptocurrencies connected the marketplace has skyrocketed from 500 successful 2014 to astir 7,000 lone 7 years aboriginal successful October 2021. A reported 14% of radical successful the United States — which astir equals 21.2 cardinal radical — person purchased immoderate signifier of cryptocurrency, with much than 300 cardinal crypto owners estimated worldwide. 

It’s clear: Cryptocurrency is present to stay, and its way to planetary designation and occurrence has lone conscionable begun. I person shared earlier however and wherefore innovative sectors of longevity and biotech should cooperate with integer currency visionaries to future-proof their work. Crypto founders, CEOs and purchasers are already breaking down barriers and contributing to a much decentralized aboriginal successful their mundane lives. By empowering individuals with entree to divers assets and opportunities to put extracurricular of accepted fiscal offerings, the cryptocurrency manufacture is creating a aboriginal built with innovation successful mind.

I spot nary crushed wherefore this innovation should stay locked successful these tech-oriented sectors — the philanthropic satellite tin and should payment arsenic well. Accepting donations successful crypto is simply a straightforward archetypal measurement that demonstrates to the broader assemblage that an enactment acknowledges its value and is acceptable to clasp disruptive technology.

Philanthropic initiatives

Several philanthropic initiatives successful our tract of longevity person already done so. The SENS Research Foundation is simply a starring longevity probe enactment that aims to research, make and beforehand broad solutions for aging-related diseases. By educating the wide nationalist astir caller advancements and attracting educated donors, the SENS Foundation supports projects moving to cure bosom disease, crab and Alzheimer’s. Notably, it has made cryptocurrencies an integral portion of its operations. SENS accepts donations made successful 72 antithetic cryptocurrencies ranging from Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) to Dogecoin (DOGE) and Aave (AAVE).

In 2018, Vitalik Buterin donated $2.4 cardinal successful ETH to the Foundation, and different crypto visionaries person followed suit. Richard Heart, the laminitis of HEX, launched an airdrop successful concern with SENS that called connected users to donate a information of their cryptocurrencies and beryllium entered to triumph Heart’s caller cryptocurrency PulseChain. The PulseChain airdrop raised implicit $25 cardinal to enactment the Foundation’s work, which is wide impervious that collaboration betwixt cryptocurrency and longevity tin beryllium an incredibly almighty tool.

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I would beryllium remiss to place the recently announced Longevity Science Foundation, which I assistance run. We judge donations successful each large cryptocurrencies and program to enactment intimately with leaders successful the crypto manufacture to physique a decentralized and transparent mode of funding. Because each donors, crypto leaders included, person voting rights successful the Foundation’s backing decisions, the Foundation has committed to supporting projects that bespeak the astir visionary ways of viewing the world.

But of course, accepting cryptocurrency donations is not a improvement constricted to longevity nonprofits and foundations. Other founders and fundraising teams are waking up to the unthinkable powerfulness of cryptocurrency and the decentralization it offers. For example, The Giving Block provides tools for immoderate non-profit to judge cryptocurrency donations arsenic good arsenic makes it easier for philanthropists to marque donations successful their preferred integer currency to 400+ organizations similar the American Cancer Society and No Kid Hungry.

Several different worldwide non-profits, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and World Relief, are pursuing suit. If these planetary entities known for their charitable enactment and admirable goals tin clasp cryptocurrency and the donors down it, truthful should different nonprofit organizations.

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Call for action

It is clip for the philanthropic and non-profit sectors to aftermath up to the imaginable of integer currencies. Longer quality lifespans, and galore different important advancements, are successful our reach, but enactment from divers industries and minds is critical.

Adopting principles from the crypto industry, specified arsenic decentralization and tokenization, tin enrich these foundations and modernize their operations portion accepting donations successful cryptocurrencies volition assistance guarantee that innovators and change-makers tin lend to large advancements. Together, we tin physique a amended aboriginal with each the tools (and currencies!) astatine our disposal.

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Garri Zmudze is simply a managing spouse astatine LongeVC, a Switzerland and Cyprus-based task superior steadfast accelerating innovative startups successful biotech and longevity. He is simply a seasoned concern adept and angel capitalist with respective palmy exits crossed biotech and tech companies. He is simply a long-time protagonist and capitalist successful biotech companies including Insilico Medicine, Deep Longevity and Basepaws.

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