Jailed Onecoin Mastermind Accused of Using Contraband Mobile Phone to Move $20 Million

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Karl Sebastian Greenwood, 1 of the masterminds down the Onecoin pyramid scheme, precocious utilized a contraband mobile telephone to determination astatine slightest $20 cardinal portion holed up successful a situation successful the United States, an lawyer for 1 of the scheme’s victims has said.

Onecoin Mastermind Taking Advantage of Regulators’ Failures

The lawyer representing victims of the Onecoin scam, Jonathan Levy, has alleged that the pyramid scheme’s jailed co-mastermind, Karl Sebastian Greenwood, precocious moved astatine slightest $20 cardinal which helium insists was stolen from investors.

In a connection released connected November 24, 2021, Levy explains however Greenwood, who is presently detained astatine Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center, was capable to propulsion disconnected the transfer. He said Greenwood had been aided by a web of lawyers and a contraband cellphone.

The lawyer besides said the nonaccomplishment of the SEC and different regulators to confiscate assets and the 230,000 bitcoins stolen from Onecoin is aiding Greenwood’s origin portion making it adjacent much hard for victims to retrieve their money. He explained:

I americium shocked and dismayed determination has been nary effort to confiscate OneCoin assets. We cognize that immense amounts of cash, existent estate, and cryptocurrency person been unlawfully obtained. The brazen acts of Karl Sebastian Greenwood from his jailhouse compartment lone corroborate our worst fears that with each passing day, billions of dollars of assets are being placed beyond anticipation of recovery.

Contraband Cell Phone

Using galore Powers of Attorney that were issued successful Dubai, Greenwood and Ruja Ignatova, different cardinal mastermind down the Onecoin pyramid scheme, person successfully managed to get banks to unfreeze slope accounts that held hundreds of millions of dollars. Greenwood allegedly past utilized a mobile telephone that is present successful the possession of U.S. instrumentality enforcement to remotely execute judgment.

Meanwhile, Levy said helium hopes the merchandise of the accusation astir immoderate of Greenwood’s acts portion successful situation volition unit regulators successful the United States, Bulgaria, and Dubai to yet enactment against the masterminds.

Do you hold that regulators person not done capable to assistance the victims of the Onecoin scam? Tell america what you deliberation successful the comments conception below.

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