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After aggregate stops and starts, it looks similar the Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury combat is yet going ahead. 

Both Jake Paul and Tommy Fury officially announced the quality implicit societal media.

The combat is acceptable to instrumentality spot successful New York City astatine Madison Square Garden connected Aug. 6 and volition beryllium co-headlined by Amanda Serrano and Brenda Carabajal. Tickets spell connected merchantability June 29 astatine 11 a.m. EST.

Fury was expected to beryllium Paul's hostile successful his past fight, which was acceptable to instrumentality spot successful December. After suffering a breached rib, Fury was forced to propulsion retired and was replaced by erstwhile UFC champion Tyron Woodley. 

That combat was a rematch of an earlier contention betwixt the two. Paul enactment an exclamation people connected their 2nd meeting, knocking Woodley retired successful spectacular fashion successful the sixth round.

But since past -- and earlier past -- radical person been begging Paul to combat a "real" boxer. Up until this point, Paul has faced a premix of YouTubers and ex-MMA fighters. As an 8-0 up-and-coming fighter, Fury is designed to beryllium that "real" boxer and volition astir apt correspond Paul's toughest trial successful the ringing to date.

Who is Tommy Fury?

Fury is simply a young pro boxer with a celebrated past name. He's the fractional member of the existent heavyweight champ Tyson Fury. He's besides celebrated successful the UK for starring successful Love Island, a world TV amusement wherever contestants person to mates up successful bid to debar elimination. The amusement is immense successful the UK.

Who is Jake Paul?

You're astir apt alert of Paul, the societal media property who archetypal made it large connected Vine earlier moving crossed to each level successful existence. He's moved into boxing successful caller years aft warring connected the undercard of member Logan Paul's viral boxing lucifer with UK YouTuber KSI. He showed a endowment for boxing and has been warring ever since. 

Paul has besides moved into promotion, co-promoting a immense combat betwixt Ireland's Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano, which was 1 of the biggest pistillate boxing matches of all-time.

Paul seems to get the public's cognition of his boxing career, and posted a beauteous aforesaid alert (and funny) TikTok astir his upcoming combat with Fury.


you guys bullied maine into this… not cool.

♬ archetypal dependable - Jake Paul

When and wherever volition the combat instrumentality place?

The combat is acceptable to instrumentality spot in New York City astatine Madison Square Garden connected Aug. 6. Tickets spell on-sale June 29 astatine 11 a.m. EST.

How bash I ticker the combat online?

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury volition beryllium disposable to ticker connected Showtime PPV, overmuch similar his past contest. There's nary mode to pre-order the lawsuit yet, but we'll update person to the lawsuit with each the details.

When is the property conference?

As always, there's a property league for the fight. There volition astir apt beryllium multiple property conferences, but the archetypal takes spot Wednesday to enactment the motorboat of the tickets going connected sale. The property league volition nary uncertainty beryllium awash with trash talk, play and publicity stunts. 

You tin ticker it unrecorded connected the Showtime Sports YouTube channel.

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